Dear Internet: An Epiphany By Warren[isweird]


[an accurate representation of my mind since Tuesday this past week]

Internet, we need to talk. You are probably going to want to sit down for this one, because I have something extremely important I want to talk [well, technically write] to you all about: the future of warrenisweird. If you follow me on Instagram, on Twitter, or even in real life; you probably have a good idea of where this post is headed before I even start. sigh. Believe me when I say, this is harder for me to say than it is for you to read it. Ready? This is going to be a long one so take a deep breath with me, and let’s talk. Okay, here goes.

If you have been following warrenisweird since the beginning, you would know/remember that I work at a funeral home and have been for a while now. [my fourth year is coming this July!] You would also know that my chosen career path is to become a fully Licensed Funeral Director. While this still all remains true to this day, my work-life is constantly evolving: I am learning more and more everyday about the role of a Funeral Director and through my newly learned skills, I took [what I consider] one of the biggest chances in my life and applied for College in order to become said Funeral Director. With all this busy-ness happening, you probably also have noticed a lack in posts on here. This is mainly because I have been working a lot more lately ever since we lost two staff members at work, and when I actually am off work; I am taking a break.. usually ending with me falling asleep on the couch. Hell, I haven’t even watched a movie in what feels like forever because I am so damn busy.. Be all this as it may, this past Tuesday – the 2nd of May – I received the absolute best news imaginable: I have been accepted to Humber College in Toronto [Ontario] to be a full time student [starting in September 2017] to study Mortuary Science/Funeral Studies. While I am beyond excited for this, there comes a catch.. and I am about 99.99% sure you know what I am about to say: Suddenly, everything becomes even more busy, and because of this, I have absolutely no time for warrenisweird.


[an accurate representation of both sides of my brain]

Let’s reflect for a moment: when I started warrenisweird, it was always meant to be a hobby: a if you will – place to talk about my feelings towards upcoming horror films [which I still and always will have a passion for] and movie reviews in my spare time. That last part is probably the most important part of the sentence – “in my spare time.” Little by little, I became more and more busy in my personal life, be it with work, application struggles or even just finding time to spend with my Wife. Because of this, I had no choice but to put this blog aside for a while.. Until “a while” became weeks, which felt like months. Now, especially if I am going to school in September, most of – if not all – my time and dedicated “free time” is to my education and ultimately; my future. Even after I finish the in-class portion of my schooling, I have a 5-6 day Internship [which lasts a year] before I change into that Fully Licensed Funeral Director I have been striving to become. What I am trying to say is that even after I am done school, I still would have little to no time to write up a blog post. HOWEVER, there is a silver lining to all this negativity..if can you believe it.

Although I may not have as much time to write on here, that does not mean that I am never going to write on here again – I plan on keeping the URL name [warrenisweird will forever be my namesake] and I will do my best to find time to post once and a while, there just might be a few weeks between posts.. and sometimes, no posts in a month. Also, and I realize I have said this before and failed miserably, I plan on using my Medium account as an almost “Diary” of sorts; writing about my experiences in College and other exciting life events. [if you find yourself interested, please consider following me there] Also, if you have “liked” the Facebook Page for warrenisweird, I will always/still continue to share/post horror related content. That page is not going away either! If you are a fan of warrenisweird for the movie reviews I write, those are/will be found over on Letterboxd; so follow me there if you want my thoughts on movies! [and as always do not hesitate to recommend me something to watch! It does not have to be strictly horror!]


[Where I like to think we stand as a community]

To end this word spill on a sappy lovey-dovey note, I just want to say that I appreciate every one of you that took time out of your day to read/continue to read warrenisweird. This journey into the blogging world would never have happened if not for you guys! It truly means a lot to me that people actually give a crap about what I write on here, and even engage in conversation about it – even if they disagree with my post! I love debating movie theories, and explaining why I love a certain “bad film,” it’s what connects us as horror movie fans! At least I think so, anyway. You guys are the absolute BEST and I wouldn’t trade the feeling you gave me as a writer away for anything.

So now you know. This is why I tend to “disappear” from the blog for x-amount of days/weeks, what I am up to in my personal life, and what life has for me next. I hope that I have explained this well enough, and thank you all for understanding why I am choosing to not write on here as often as I once wished I could. [At least not nearly as frequently] The best way to look at this is it is not a final goodbye, it’s “I will see you around!” As always, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [we’re just over 195+ likes – let’s get it to the 200 mark!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird from the very moment it’s been “gone live” online and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog.

Seriously though, these past few years have been a blast and if I could, I would love to continue doing this gig. Being a small time hobby, it was never meant to be a long-term career [writing online as a full time job is one of the hardest things to get into! I strongly commend those that get to do it!] As I mentioned above, I’ve also been writing my movie reviews on my Letterboxd account, this is because I’m trying to review every single movie I watch. As for my “Diary” posts? Follow me on Medium for updates on my life. These posts will be starting soon! I love you all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through my contact page, which goes straight to my personal email. I try to reply to every one of them, so whether it’s a movie recommendation or a simple “thanks,” I can’t wait to hear from you!

As always,




An ELVIRA Funko POP! : Arriving For Halloween!


Contrary to what many people believe, I’m not a huge collector of Funko POPs! I have a few [Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Beetlejuice] but I only really pick up the ones that I like the character they are based on.. Unlike some people on the Internet [some people have thousands!] However, there is one that I’m planning on getting, and conveniently – it’s coming out soon! Want a hint? READ ON!

When you hear the name Elvira, only one person should come to mind.. the Halloween icon and symbol of all things spooky: the one and only Mistress Of The Dark! Oh yes, just in time for Halloween and perfect timing to celebrate her 35th Anniversary; the Mistress Of The Dark is getting her very own Funko POP! Looking at the figure, I am about 99.9% sure that this is the first Funko creation with cleavage! I’m still bitter over the fact that I didn’t get a picture with the Mistress herself when she came to comic con, but in a way to defend myself; she had a massive line up, and I wouldn’t have gotten to see the rest of the “con” if I had waited! [I will meet you, someday!] Check out the one, the only, POP! figure based on Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark below!


Naturally, as a huge fan of her’s, both in sense of style, and film; I definitely am excited by this news. It’s been a long time coming for both horror fans and POP! collectors, as it was just a matter of time! Be sure to pick yours up in October when they hit shelves! But the real question is: are you going to pick up an Elvira figure? Why or Why Not? Let me know in the comments! I know for a fact that I will be, and worst case scenario and I don’t get a chance to pick one up; Christmas comes shortly after! As always, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [we’re at over 150+ likes – let’s get to 200!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been “gone live” online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. So go follow over there too!

Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends! I’ve also been writing way more reviews on my Letterboxd account, this is because I’m trying to review every single movie I watch  – with each review coming the very next day after viewing! Are you interested yet? Check me out over there and click that “follow” button! I’m just bound to follow you back because I like reading other people’s thoughts on film, as well as writing reviews myself!



Annoucement: something a little different — an update

If you’ve been following warrenisweird for awhile now, you probably have noticed that there’s one category of post that doesn’t come up as much as it used to: Journals. They used to be more frequent, and they used to be a ‘once and a while’ sort of thing, to keep you – the readers – up to date with what I have been up to outside of the blogging world. However, I hardly post these anymore; and they’re something that I feel doesn’t fit the general theme of my blog; even if it is about myself. So as an effort to use it more, and a way to steer away from that kind of post here, I plan on not posting any Journal posts on here anymore, though the ones I’ve already written; will remain..and the Journal posts will cease to exist. Or will they? What I mean by this is that, I’m not saying that I’ll never writing anything about myself and updates about myself again, I just mean that they won’t be featured on warrenisweird, and that’s where Medium comes in..

Medium works in a way that makes anyone feel like they’re an author of their own story, without the hassle of feeling like they need to build an audience in the blogging atmosphere [blogosphere?] It’s been called “a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends.” Which makes sense, since one of the co-founders of Twitter designed it. Although it’s a blogging platform designed for smaller stories that “make your day better and manifestos that change the world,” it has it’s way of helping you find the right audience for whatever you have to say. I think that’s what attracted me to it – I could say what I want, how I want, and whoever is interested; can read it. If not, they move on in their lives and it doesn’t affect them. Which, in turn, doesn’t affect me. It’s pretty great for that reason. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been on Medium for awhile now – check my profile here –  but I never ended up using it, since I’d tend to write elsewhere: whether Facebook or warrenisweird. Don’t think I’m going anywhere, because I’m definitely not; I’m just trying to say that warrenisweird is going to be strictly horror related posts now, and personal things – like what I’ve been up to outside of blogging – will be on Medium. With all that said and done , I just wanted to share this, I know it’s probably not the post you expected from me today, but here it is. I promise come the next post, it will be horror-related, but I just wanted to share this in case someone was wondering why there hasn’t been any Journals as of late. In fact, be sure to catch up on what I’ve been posting over on Medium by reading my most recent post, titled “A Twist Of Fate.” It’s essentially an update on one of the biggest things happening in my life right now, which has me both excited and nervous. [but also, something that’s been a long time coming]

Also, if find yourself to enjoy what I do here – whether it’s updates like this or movie reviews/news – please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes – only a few more and we’ll have reached over 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!



Sometimes, life throws us for a spin. Whether that’s because we are changing our lifestyles, or in Arthur‘s case: we inherit a house [and many other riches] from our late Uncle’s estate – it just so happens that for Arthur, this house has someone – or something – else living inside as well, and not just one but: Thir13en Ghosts!

That’s right, for the first episode of weirdo’ween I’m going to review a movie that isn’t terrible, but I used to be so afraid of; I watched it with the lights on. seriously. Even if it is a lackluster film, I do have it on my movie shelf, but that’s purely for nostalgic reasons: I mean, this movie isn’t the scariest movie you’ll ever watch, meaning don’t watch it with your new girlfriend hoping she’ll latch on to you and you’ll get cuddles all night, cause chances are; she’ll be looking at you with a raised eyebrow the rest of the night wondering why this was the movie you chose for your first date..moving on. If I were to explain the story, it’d feel kind of pointless, because it’s fairly generic [and a remake!] but this is a review – which means I’m going to tell you all about it anyway. Are you ready to walk into The House? Come on, it’ll be fun! Let’s start by talking about:


Our story follows a family without a mother, including Dad – Arthur [played brilliantly by Tony Shalhboub], Daughter – Kathy, Son – Bobby and the Nanny – Maggie, who all inherits a strange house, created by Arthur‘s Uncle Cyrus. We learn that Cyrus was a ghost hunter – because of course he is – with not one, but twelve ghosts who are all locked in the basement of the house. I should also mention that there is two other characters in the movie as well: Dennis – who can see future [and past] whenever he touches people. He worked with Cyrus during his ghost hunting days and Cyrus rival – Kalina. Naturally, even with Dennis by their side, it’s when the ghosts are unleashed, that these people have no choice but to save themselves.. However, as we learn from Kalina, this ‘house’ that was inherited isn’t even a house, but a highly complex machine built by Cyrus, which he called the “Ocularis Infernum [or in English: “Eye Of Hell“. that sounds promising..] which supposedly was created by/for The Devil and powered by the dead! Once it’s completed, this demonic device apparently could allow its user to see into the future. It isn’t until we discover that one of the ghosts is powering this machine is the spirit of his dead wife, Jean [hence the mother-less family] that things get..a little weird.

It becomes clear both to the characters, and the audience, that Arthur should take place as the house’s 13th ghost, because if he does; his sacrifice of pure love would combat all of the evil contained within the machine: therefore shutting it down – for good. I mean, I’m sorry.. pure love is the answer for demonic ghosts who are terrorizing a demon machine? I don’t know if I like that idea [morals are good, children..] or if I think it’s dumb. Does that realistically mean that the movie should be called Twelve Ghosts? I’m just saying; if there’s already 12 ghosts in this house, and Arthur has to “become” the 13th; wouldn’t that mean there’s only 12 at this exact moment in the film? Anyway. Let’s move away from that tidbit. Also, in case you haven’t seen the film, Cyrus is also revealed to be alive, having faked his death in order to lure Arthur to the house; and Kalina turns out to be his secret partner-in-crime! [and lover] It turns out that Cyrus has planned this whole thing, just so that Arthur will become the 13th ghost of the house. But wait! This isn’t going to stop the machine, but rather – to trigger it. Naturally, like all good villains, Cyrus ends up turning against his lover and has her crushed between two glass walls, [in all it’s bloody glory] claiming “greatness requires sacrifice.” Because, as we are learning today, to be “pure evil”; one of the prerequisites is being an asshole to your loved ones.

Aesthetically, The house looks great, spectacular even, and the art direction are very admirable for what they had. It’s just the fact that at times, that there is hardly any time to notice what’s going on in the background. But where the movie truly shines – at least in my opinion – is the ghosts themselves!

It’s not often you get a haunted house movie where the ones haunting are so diverse! From The Angry Princess to The Great Child, I just love that they’re all so differentOn the movie’s wiki page, there’s actual descriptions of each ghost; and how they became how they are. I also found myself to enjoy the idea of the glasses being the item that allows you to see the ghosts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a new concept [cough – They Live – cough] but it gave the movie a more eerie feel; showing that without these “special glasses”, the ghosts could potentially be anywhere. Unfortunately, other than this and some of the casting choices, the movie isn’t that memorable. By the end of the movie, we see Arthur, who is visited by Jean‘s ghost. When all the ghosts disappear from the basement, [they responded to a tape-recorded summons played by Cyrus] Kathy and Bobby have been placed at the center of a set of spinning razor-sharp rings. Arthur and his Uncle are seen having a confrontation, which is interrupted by the sound of Maggie, who is seen trying to destroy the machine. She seems to do a fairly good job though, because the ghosts are seen released from their trance. All the ghosts except Jean immediately grab Cyrus, and toss him into the spinning rings. Dennis‘ ghost then appears, telling Arthur to go to his kids. Waiting for a break in the razor rings, Arthur jumps to save his children, making the leap without dying. wait, what? The house’s glass walls instantly shatter, releasing the spirits from their captivity. Finally, a peaceful-looking Jean lingers briefly to say her final goodbyes to her family, only to then depart with the all the other ghosts.

Of course, this is the part where I say whether or not I recommend the movie – and I do suggest this movie if you’re looking for a quick [and easy] horror movie; just don’t expect to be that terrified. There’s many better Haunted House films than Thir13en Ghosts out there. This one though, is a fun watch –  and best of all: you don’t really need to follow the story, because it doesn’t really have a good one. [a good number of plot holes!] If you do watch this movie, go in with a open mind, remember – it isn’t bad, but it really isn’t great.

So, with all this in mind; do you plan on seeing Thir13en Ghosts? If you already have seen it, what did you think about it? Worthwhile? Or completely a waste of time? Let me know in a comment or two! Also, even if I have the first few film reviews planned already, please let me know which movie[s] you want to see reviewed next! If you found yourself to enjoy review – and want to see more – then take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes almost at 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; as well as links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends! Join me tomorrow when I post weirdo’ween #02STAY TUNED!

just one of the many ghosts inside! Do you dare enter?


I’ve been nominated for a “LIEBSTER award” !

When I woke up yesterday [before work at 8am] I noticed my iPod going off saying I have a notification. Sure enough, I had a comment notification from WordPress. [from none other than this individual; THANKS AGAIN!] It read that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award . Not knowing what it truly means, I did some research. really is so I did some research before starting this post and came across some info. according to Wordingwell, the Liebster Award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has a set of rules [so like Fight Club?], and that you’re meant to follow them. by doing so, you agree to send the ‘award’ to 11other people – so long as they have less than 200 followers. After thanking the person who ‘nominated’ you, you have to answer 11 questions that were posted by the ‘nominator’ and then nominate 11 other people to do the same [with your own questions]

So let’s get on with Tidlidim‘s questions! This ought to be an interesting one, so here goes everything! Please note: the questions will be in bold, and my response will be italicized.

Ready, Set, Go!

1) How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

“weird.” I’d assume that much was obvious.. haha!

2) What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Surf Clams. I’ll try anything once – and in this case: once is enough.

3) What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year?

“Guardians Of The Galaxy”. no question; read my reasons why it’s fantastic here!

4) List 3 things that are on your bucket list.

put simply; have a family in the future, have my own ‘basement theater’ & meet Stan Lee.

5) What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done as a kid?

I totally cheated on a math test in grade 2 and I [and the one I cheated from] were the only ones who got it right. got detention for the week for that one.

6) What’s the item you carry around with you most of the time?

especially when I’m ‘on call’ for work – I have to have my phone on me almost all the damn time.

7) Could you live without the internet? In what ways would your life be different?

honestly, I feel terrible for saying it, but I doubt I could survive without it. I’m just so used to having it at my disposal that without it, I would feel confused. If I didn’t have it though, I think life would be almost simpler, and even that hurts to admit.

8) What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken? Or if you don’t use a camera, what’s the best photo someone has taken of you?

I’m only mentioning this one cause I forgot all about it until I found it on my hard-drive. [I’m the guy on the right] FOLLOW THE GUY ON THE FAR LEFT HERE!

9) What is the thing you’re most afraid of? (physical things)

Clowns. I’ve covered this topic a ton.. next question, please!

10) You’re an actor/actress and you get the role of your dreams. Who would you be?

I always liked the idea of a superhero who has recently retired from ‘superhero-ism’ due to PTSD. I think it’s an interesting concept that should be explored in film. So to answer the question, I’d want to be a superhero, preferably Spider-Man – Superman is a nerd.

So now that I’ve answered all 11 questions – which were harder than I thought they’d be – I’m now supposed to nominate some people to do the same [hopefully I even know 11 people]

The people I’d like to nominate are the following:

movies, film, and flix

watch me watch this

retcon poet

house of geekery

the nerds of color

one life, recorded


Basically, Emily

daves corner of the universe

ink. brush. paper

journey into awesome

Your task is simple, to answer my following eleven questions [which obviously, because it’s me, will revolve around films], and pass your own onto 11 people of your choice. good luck!


What is your favorite film of all time?

least favorite film of all time?

who is one actor that everyone loves but you hate?

Favorite genre of film?

If you were to write your own script/story line for a film, what would the film be about?

continuing off the last question, who would you want to star?

Favorite film from the last 10 years?

which actor would you kill to meet?

What film has the best score, in your opinion?

What’s a trope in a movie you can’t stand?

are you following me on Facebook if you aren’t already? [find the page here] why or why not?

THANKS FOR READING [and once again, thanks to Tidlidim for the nomination!]

05 things about the author!

Because of the fact that this is a new blog, [that, and this is only the second post] I figure that there’s no better way to get to know the man behind the keyboard then to know 05 facts about him. If you know me outside of the internet world, you probably know most, if not all, of these things; but for those that don’t – let’s get started learning 05 things about Warren!

I have an irrational fear of Clowns.

I mean it’s fucking unhealthy.. though, I may not fear Clowns for the reason you’re thinking. Let me elaborate a little more. While many people with this fear believe it stems from the fact that the clown[s] are wearing make-up to disguise themselves, I fear them because of a memory. To begin this [short] tale, it starts at the circus when I was about 8 years old. I didn’t know much about the circus other than the things you see on TV/Movies, and that it seems like good old fashioned fun. When I actually got to go to the circus, [for the first time] I saw a clown, though I didn’t really react to it. It wasn’t until the intermission that I found myself walking over to this clown [I guess I wanted to introduce myself? I don’t remember..] who decided to tell me that his reasoning for being a clown was ‘because he has to hide his face, because he did something regretful..and he wants to avoid getting caught.’ [who the fuck says that to an 8 year old?!] it was then that a fear in my mind I didn’t even know existed became very apparent. To this day – clowns still freak me out: I think it’s for a good reason though!

I really enjoy filmography/movies.

this one should be a no brainer, I write movie reviews on one of my favorite websites, Letterboxd [follow me over here], I constantly check into tvtag when I watch movies/shows, and I have over 235 DVDs. For those wondering, I stand by HORROR and DRAMA as my favorite genres. also, I absolutely love the [original] A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and EVIL DEAD films. Lastly, my favorite TV show is [easily] HBO’s SIX FEET UNDER: which brings me to my third point about myself: [see below]


I work in a funeral home.

seriously though. Friday, July 18th, 2014. This was the 1 year mark since I started working there, and I haven’t been happier in a job. ever. I mentioned SIX FEET UNDER as my favorite show [above] and I firmly stand by it. I saw that show for the first time when I was about 16 years old and thought it was the most real television I’ve ever seen. It introduced me to a business that not many people feel comfortable talking about, it’s almost a taboo! [I have friend that ask about it and then immediately change the subject.] However, I saw it as one of the most interesting jobs I could think of. Now, I may not be an embalmer, or even a [Funeral] director; but I actually do body removals. [I don’t even know if that’s the right term for it..] In short, I go to the scene of Death and bring the deceased to the designated funeral home. [I’d explain this a little better, but I’m under contract saying I can’t really go into detail, sorry!] It’s a most extreme job, but it can also be fairly depressing: it’s definitely not for everyone.

I’m getting married next year!

It’s always a weird thought isn’t it? you start off young – thinking boys/girls are gross [with their damn cooties, man!], but at some point, something changes and you start noticing something different about them that you can’t seem to get over. I remember when I was younger, I was constantly teased [because my parents are both Deaf, but that’s a story for a different day] so I never believed in love, it was nothing but a fairy tale in my eyes. Fast forward to end of grade11, and I’ve had a few girlfriends here and there, and I met Stephanie. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I couldn’t ask for anyone else. We plan to marry on October 31, 2015 [that’s right: on HALLOWEEN, which happens to be both of our favorite Holiday!]


Spider-Man is my favorite super-hero!

Ever since I was little, I always felt like I identified with ‘super-humans’ more than my classmates. I felt ‘misplaced’ in a world where ‘popularity’ ruled over smarts, and if you were “different“, then you were fair game for being bullied. [like I was for having Deaf parents, as mentioned above]. The one super-human I identified with more than any was Spider-Man. He was fallible, he was the ‘geek’, and he had a small number of friends.. just like I did. The other thing is that he was raised by his grandparents – specifically Uncle Ben. I often feel like I was raised by my Grandfather so I can certainly relate to that as well. and as always, remember:

“With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”

So that’s 05 things you may or may not have known about me: If you have any other types of questions about me, feel free to send me a comment or two! Also, be sure to join me on my next post – whatever it may be about.



So here we are: the first post of warrenisweird. I was actually planning to make this blog for a while now, but never really [unfortunately] found the time – that or I would put it off for some stupid reason. Either way, it has begun. Assuming you didn’t read the “about the author” page in the menu, I’m Warren and I’m pretty weird. I like horror movies, cartoons, comic books and even enjoy writing film reviews over on Letterboxd.

Now, this post will hopefully be kept relatively shorter than others will be since it is the first [of many] post. But, because it’s the first post — I thought I’d share just a few of the [many] ideas I plan on ‘blogging’ about on here on warrenisweird:

~ deepbreath.

#1] personal ‘adventures’ in my own life : the main focus of this blog. by this, I mean I will be talking about what I – Warren – am up to in my own life every so often, sounds boring, I know; but I like the ideal of writing in part as an almost ‘journal’.

#2] film and ‘geekery’ : this one is a bit tricky since this is what I wrote about on my ‘original‘ blog [found here]. I say this is ‘tricky’ because I will be talking about filmography on here as well, but not as much as I did on the last blog; I will be talking about my thoughts on films as well [I may write short reviews on here but full film reviews will remain on my Letterboxd account: found here]

#3] occasionally, I will do top 5, top 10, etc lists/challenges : every so often, [depending on my work schedule] there will be top 5 [or even 10] lists for various things, such as ‘Warren’s top 5 horror films’ or ‘Warren’s top 10 childhood cartoons’ . [and obviously – many, many other lists of sorts]

so there it is, a [fairly drawn out] welcome post to warrenisweird. I will be posting as often as I can, but with a fairly busy job – this can be troublesome at times. Catch me on my next post, which will be everyone’s favorite, the infamous: ‘5 things about the author!’