Film Study: “Batman Returns” [1992] Is ACTUALLY A Horror Film!


Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a fairly large fan of Tim Burton. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with films like Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks!, and of course; The Nightmare Before Christmas. Although I was not born until three years later, in the year 1989, Tim Burton gave the world his vision of Batman, the first version of the character on screen in over [at the time] 20 years! The film starred Michael Keaton as the title character, and the film went on to earn over $400 million in the box office: a number so staggering that pushed it to become the fifth highest grossing film ever. [In its time] With it, came a new franchise that spawned three more films/sequels over nearly a decade, which comes to a combined total of over $1 billion at the box office. During its release, Batman was praised for being a dark and gritty take on the character that were previously seen as cheesy. Burton’s film[s] were rated PG-13, a way of letting parents know that the tone/atmosphere was not meant for children. Even though Batman brought us the maniacal Joker, played expertly by Jack Nicholson, it was not until 1992’s Batman Returns that truly jumped into the darkness of the character as well as the scarier and more vicious nature of the villains within Gotham. So why am I bringing up Batman on a horror blog? Well, besides the fact that Batman is a darker type of hero, I want to talk about Batman Begins – and how after reading a similar theory online, I too believe besides being a superhero film, it is also a horror film! This post is going to kind of long, being as we are going into depth, but let’s talk about it! I may also come off as being bias in this film study, after all it is one of my favorite Batman films; especially with Michelle Pfeiffer playing Catwoman! Don’t believe me? Check out this picture of Me from when Stephanie and I went to a Wax Museum in Niagara Falls this past summer! Now, onto the actual film study, I am distracting myself!

Batman Returns has four main characters: Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Danny DeVito as Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin, and Christopher Walken as Max Shreck. As another quick side note, the name of Walken’s character isn’t random, as MaximillianMaxSchreck was the actor who played Count Orlok in the German horror film Nosferatu. The film takes place during the end of the year holiday season, where everyone in Gotham is celebrating and embracing Christmas. However, as expected, the city is being spooked by an unknown, evil entity who goes by the name of “The Penguin.” The Penguin is the top headline of all newspapers and the talk of the town, and has been said to be a hideous creature but no one knows this for sure, because there have only been occasional glimpses of him, and no one seems to have any clue who [or what] The Penguin is.. or what he wants. So, while the people of Gotham City want to celebrate Christmas, they are being terrorized by a group of criminals who call themselves the “Circus Gang.” True to their name, these low class villains look like something out of a carnival with fire-breathers dressed up as demons to flame-juggling stilt walkers, to skeleton motorcycle riders [who have the coolest helmets/masks ever] to even an organ grinder with a vulcan cannon in a music box. Clearly, this gang is fully aware that looks and being prepared is everything. Naturally, they get stopped by Batman and then the true villain is revealed and the movie shifts to a battle between The Penguin and The Batman.

The overall story of this version of The Penguin is that he was born deformed and his parents left him into a small river in a city park. When his crib floated into the zoo, he was found and raised by penguins. Years later, he rises from the sewers and gains the sympathy of Gotham, which he uses, thanks to Shreck’s influence, to run for the Mayor of the city. Meanwhile, he’s working hard on his evil scheme to abduct [and kill] every first-born son of every citizen with the intention of drowning them; his reasoning? So they can experience what he did as a child: nearly drowning. Selina Kyle comes into the picture when she happens to get killed by Shreck, only to come back a radically different person; one that decides to don a sexy leather outfit and become The Catwoman. So nothing overly horror-film like yet, just some political backstabbing, superhero crimefighting, super villain being super villains.. It all sounds pretty mechanical when looking at it now, right?

What makes Batman Returns a horror film on top of a superhero movie is this pervasive violence and dislike for human life sprinkled throughout the film. There is an almost a hidden smile in the death of people and during the destruction of Gotham, which comes from Batman himself too. Many people were shocked by just how easily Ben Affleck’s take on Batman casually killed people in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But if you compare the two, he’s got nothing on Keaton, who will happily turn the Batmobile back around, only to shoot flames from his tailpipe onto a fire-breather or how about that time when he drops a guy into a manhole.. who then later explodes? This is the real killer Batman and it is terrifying to know that he does it with efficiency, coldness, and even a sense of enjoyment.


[the true face of EVIL]

But let us not forget the villainous natures of both Cobblepot and Shreck. The Penguin lives up to his evil nature, and seems unafraid to hide it. He is shown forcing Shreck to help him emerge from the sewers by threatening to expose his shady business practices, as well as sharing the fact that Shreck killed a partner. This was confirmed by Penguin when we see him flaunting [and playing with] a dismembered hand! As for Shreck himself, he’s a monster in way that he manipulates [and deceives] those around him with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Even the way he stalks Selina, only before pushing her out of a window shows that he is a charming but absolutely ruthless man. He is a sociopath who will do whatever it takes – and kill anyone in his path – to get what he feels he deserves.

Speaking of Selina Kyle, let’s talk about her resurrection. She was pushed out of a skyscraper, fell dozens of stories to her death, and was then licked [back to life?] by cats with a strange ability of having multiple lives. At first she looks like some ghastly image of her former self. Her skin is pale and gray, and she is seen having blood streaked across her face. But then she [emotionally] snaps, destroying her apartment with wild/exaggerated anger, and we see her fingers are now curled like a cat’s claws. But do not forget that her sadistic streak began before she “died.” Remember when Batman saved her on the street? Instead of thanking him, her first impulse was to kick the guy that held her hostage, even though he’s incapable of defending himself because he’s just been knocked out. If that is not enough, she then picks up the taser that he held to her face and proceeds to test it on him, laughing at the [shocking] outcome! It seems that she already had a sick streak in her – dying just gave her the freedom to finally let it all out.

Quickly jumping back to Shreck, he is nothing short of a monstrous persona, one that would be perfectly at ease sitting next to Hannibal Lecter, although if we are being honest; he’s nowhere near as classy. However, he does like to do his dirty work behind-the-scenes, showing the public eye one personality while living a totally different one in his private life. In this “other life,” he is capable of murder without flinching, showing that he is just as calculated as someone like Patrick Bateman. Just look at the following clip to see his charming yet evil persona in action.

When Shreck finally meets his death, it is perhaps the most gruesome of the film and it calls back to Selina’s initial taste of “being bad.” When she does get to killing Shreck, she uses that same taser to cook him into a skeleton! But of course, she is not the real villain/monster; that title goes to The Penguin. From his sharp teeth and black spittle to his deformed overall presentation, he openly admits to being “an animal” and “cold-blooded.” Watching his behavior throughout the film is equal to that of a wild [and uncontrollable] creature, who can be playful one moment and then turn to a frightening and dangerous with monstrous intentions the next. While trying to coo to a young woman in his mayoral committee, he suddenly and abruptly turns on a young man, biting his nose so severely that the man is left disfigured and bleeding profusely!

What also makes his character so fascinating is the parallels between The Penguin and God and Satan. As previously discussed, Cobblepot’s ultimate end game is to kidnap the first-born children of Gotham in their sleep. This is essentially the 10th Biblical plague, in which God came down and slew the first-born child of every family who was not protected by lamb’s blood, Cobblepot plans to bring tremendous terror and grief to those who he feels enslaved him below the surface. However, as we all know, Penguin is no God and that’s where his “palace” comes into play. Hidden in the depths of the abandoned Gotham Zoo, Cobblepot’s “castle” is cold and icy, which could be seen as an allusion to Dante’s Inferno, where the terrifying [and grotesque] Satan lives within the bowels of Hell, trapped in a frozen lake. Ultimately, the icy location becomes engulfed in flames, much like how we -as people – envision Hell.

Now remember: this is just a theory, but when it first came out, this movie was labeled as grotesque by parents and I believe that its easy to see why. DeVito’s version of The Penguin gave countless children [including myself!] nightmares for a long time and seeing Pfeiffer die in such a violent fashion is something that kids were not meant to see. Furthermore, this may very well be the darkest overall presentation of a Batman film. I can’t think of anything that comes close to how bleak and dark this entry is.

Now, before anyone starts with the whole “It’s not scary!” argument, let’s all remember that a lot of horror films are not that scary to begin with. To frighten an audience is a bonus when it comes to horror, at least for us horror genre fans. What makes a horror film “horror” is how it presents itself, how there is this grim feeling surrounding the overall film. Based on the facts above, I believe that Batman Returns does this extremely well.

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horror movies to look forward to in 2016!


Whether or not we want to admit it, 2015 is nearly over. We’ve had some hits and misses this year when it comes to movies, It’s almost as if for every great film, such as Krampus, we get a pile of garbage as well. I mean, if we’re being honest, The Human Centipede III was not a great all. [but I trust that you knew that already, right?] With 2016 starting on Friday, I figured now was the best time to go back to our roots, and discuss some of the horror movies that I’m most excited for in 2016. Because this list is strictly horror, it goes without saying that I’m excited for some of the superhero films coming too – such as Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse. As with many things I write, spoilers are always a given..even if there are not, it’s good to give a warning just in case.

tikdfsnThe Forest:

Start the year off right on January 8th, 2016 with The Forest – a film that follows an American woman who wanders into Japan’s very own Suicide Forest in order to find her sister. What makes this creepier is knowing that Aokigahara, or The Suicide Forest is an actual place..which is where this movie takes is said to take place.


The Witch:

Even though I’m tired of possession movies, I’ve been interested in this movie since I saw the trailer. On February 26th, The Witch follows a family in 1630s New England, who gets torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession. It looks like it will have a real disturbing vibe.


Rob Zombie‘s 31:

I mean, come on. Don’t tell me that you didn’t expect to see this one on here..especially with how it got an NC-17 rating..twice. I’ve talked a ton about this movie, and the internet seems to love the idea of it, so I won’t say much – just imagine killer clowns chasing a group of people. I’m predicting Halloween as a release date for this one.


The Boy:

Also coming sooner than the others is The Boy. [coming January 22nd, 2016!] As someone who thinks dolls are creepy enough as is, The Boy follows an American nanny who shocked that her new English family’s boy is actually a life-sized doll. After violating a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is alive.

Of course, these are just a few of the many movies that are coming out this upcoming year. With more coming every day, it’s a wonder if I’ll see all the ones I’m interested in. 2015 felt underwhelming since I didn’t see as many movies as I usually do, especially cause a lot went down this past year. Hopefully 2016 will change that. With many things to come in 2016, I wanted to end this by thanking each and every one of you readers who have stuck with me this whole ride: it’s been crazy, and [as much as I say it a lot] I’m thankful there’s people out there that share my thoughts on movies, or at the very least – are willing to talk with me about them!

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I’ve said it countless times, but The Evil Dead stands as one of my favorite horror films of all time. The character of Ash is the epitome of what a ‘hero’ in horror should be. He’s funny, he’s extreme, and..let’s be honest, he’s been through a lot. He’s faced numerous Deadites in his adventures through The Evil Dead all the way to Army Of Darkness, and that’s not including his newest adventure that’s coming up! Another thing I’ve said far too many times to count is that I enjoy comic-books, specifically Marvel comics; such as Wolverine and Spider-Man. But what if we could combine the two together into an epic battle?

Whether you believe it or not, Marvel Zombies VS The Army Of Darkness is an actual five-issue comic book that was published in 2007 by Marvel Comics in association with Dynamite Entertainment, a crossover series where Ash Williams, who – as we just said is the hero of the popular Evil Dead films, finds himself in the Marvel Zombies setting: which is an alternate world of flesh-eating ‘zombified’ Marvel comics heroes.. These comics are as gory as they get, at least by Marvel standards, but Ash has kept his Bruce Campbell face, which I’m more than okay with!

thanks to a group of people known as “Slash/Up”, who run a YouTube series that actually combines pop culture icons with each other, we actually get to see characters like Ash fighting zombified super heroes, like Wolverine and Spider-Man, which let’s face it – we’ve all wanted to see at some point. Although it was initially removed, it’s been recently re-added; and in high-definition too! Although the video ends on a cliff hanger, It’s been recently mentioned that Slash/Up is working on “Ash VS The DC Dead“, which isn’t based on a comic – but that doesn’t stop me from imagining a zombified Batman.. If you’re still curious about the Marvel Zombies and Ash fight that I’m talking about, the awesome short [clocking in at just over 8 minutes] is found over on YouTube – or better yet, I’ve included it down below.

If you lasted through the above video, what were your thoughts on it? I actually really enjoy this short, and I forgot all about it until YouTube brought it up as a recommendation on my feed. Was Ash the hero he is meant to be? Or did you find him to be too try-hard? [which is kind of the point of Ash when you think about it..] Let me know in a comment or two down below or over on the Facebook Page.

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there comes a time in every super hero’s life where they get an awesome animated tv series: Batman got his Batman Beyond, and Spider-Man had his own animated series called “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” — which happens to be my favorite, being as I grew up with it. But there was one hero who stood differently from the others; unlike Batman and Spider-Man, this hero had a darker tale, and his animated series played at only midnight. If that doesn’t sound awesome enough, the show was also shown on HBO! Who is this individual, you ask? This [anti] hero went by the name of Spawn.

the Spawn animated series ran from 1997 to 1999 [a short period of only 18 episodes] but from what I’ve read, it’s actually quite faithful to the source material: since Todd McFarlaneSpawn‘s creator — help create the show. It also won a number of awards for it’s dark/gritty animation style; including an Emmy for “outstanding animation” in 1998 — only a year after it’s initial release!

Spawn follows a government trained assassin who becomes a vengeful Hellspawn in death. When he’s brought back from the dead he’s enlisted to join Hell’s army and release his carnage on anyone that gets in his way. With both Heaven and Hell battle for his already torn soul, Spawn spends most of his time wandering the dark and dirty alleys, protecting the innocent and destroying the corrupt. The show isn’t all violence and heroism though, the show also has a ‘human’ feel to it too, especially because Spawn also faces the acceptance of his own death, find and destroy his own killer, face the fact that he has been sent to Hell after his assassin life and worst of all: must also face the reality of losing his wife to an old war friend.

Though you might be able to find a few episodes of the show on VHS, in 2008 HBO released the coolest steelbook. [as seen in the above picture] it has all 18 episodes and tons of behind the scene footage. Not surprisingly though, it’s not a cheap item: which makes me glad I found my copy at a pawnshop for $5.00! HBO‘s Spawn comes highly recommended from me: it’s dark, it can be funny [depends on your definition of “funny” though], but most of all; it’s really well done animation! [I believe a few episodes are even on YouTube!] if you ever get a chance at this collection for cheap, do not hesitate — you won’t regret it!


[fun fact: Todd McFarlane has been in talks about a NEW Spawn animated series. Will it live up to this one? Only time will tell!]

warrenisweird’s 05 favorite NON-horror films

Yesterday when I was typing up a [fairly short] review of one of my favorite films ever: Léon The Professional, I came to realize that not all the films I like are actually horror. In fact, it got me curious about what were some of my other film favorites that didn’t involve monsters or slasher type villains. I mean sure – Frankenstein, Dracula, Freddy Krueger, and even Victor Crowley [points to you if you know who I’m talking about!] are all great, but occasionally — a simple mafia man named Tony or a giant lizard; like in The Amazing Spider-Man can be just as scary as a vampire in tight clothing sparkling in the sun. Ugh, I regret making that reference.

That’s where this list comes in: although many of the films I watch/talk about are in the horror genre, there are actually quite a few that I enjoy that simply; aren’t. [most won’t be included in this list — that would take way too long] Another thing to be aware of is that although Léon The Professional should be on this list, I already talked about that film the other day [imagine it being a bonus in this list!] So here we begin with “warrenisweird’s 05 favorite non-horror films; at this moment in time”

Our first film is a little gem known as Little Miss Sunshine, and it’s quite the catch. It has girls from what looks like “toddlers and tiaras” and swearing Grandpas. It’s about young Olive, who wants to enter the national Little Miss Sunshine beauty Pageant — and her family’s mishaps all the way there. It’s one of those movies that is heart warming but that also kinda makes you sad by the end credits. That dance number finale though!

STAR WARS is an easy choice for this list. I won’t get too into it [should be obvious!] but It has everything I love in film, and more. It was one of the movie series that got me into sci-fi! Though, some may consider me in the lower class “fan base” because I actually [somewhat] enjoyed the prequels, at least for what they were.. Bring on Episode VII!

I actually brought the movie Super up when I was talking about celebrity crushes because of Ellen Page in it. It’s a quirky little film [which is on Netflix!] that has all sorts of familiar names: like Rainn Wilson and Kevin Bacon. any superhero with the battle cry “SHUT UP CRIME!” is fucking great in my books!

When people ask me what my favorite animated film is, I generally think of two: Spirited Away and the one made for this list — How To Train Your Dragon. I remember when I first saw How To Train Your Dragon and I was blown away by the quality in it’s story telling. It made me feel like a kid again, seeing a film that had that much of an impact on me. The sequel was easily as good, if not a little better [which is a rare case!], though I didn’t expect to be feeling on the verge of tears! It made me think one solitary thing: I want a dragon!

Lastly, we have another somewhat ‘unpopular’ opinion.. I loved the Watchmen graphic novel, it is one of my all time favorites, and deserves being near the top as the best graphic novel of all time. However, when Zack Snider made a movie based on Watchmen, I remember a lot of people not enjoying it. However, I was almost mesmerized by the visuals, the camera work, and the music chosen! It’s one [of many] of my favorite superhero films, Rorschach was fucking perfect, especially since I was worried about putting him on screen. But he was perfection and believable! I am still glad that Snider ditched the alien sequence at the end for the film though..

Obviously, as I said above, these aren’t the only non-horror films I enjoy: I could have mentioned Blade Runner, Avengers, Anchorman and/or a dozen other films. These are just the ones I currently enjoy the most. What are your favorite 05 films that aren’t horror? If you don’t even like horror, what are your 05 favorite films outside your favorite film genre. Let me know in a comment or two!


JOURNAL #5: “learning why Spider-Man will always be my hero.”

I’ve mentioned it before but Spider-Man is my favorite superhero – He has been since I was five years old. I’ve watched all the movies, I read the comics, and yes I even love the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon. [I have the whole series on DVD!]  just watching him swing around, beat up bad guys, and make terrible jokes has made me into the person I am now. Last night however, I had the pleasure in [finally] watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2  and it got me thinking, why else do I like this character? I thought about it long and hard, and have come to some conclusions why I would choose Spidey over the likes of Superman or Batman any day. Please be aware – this post will have spoilers for the Spider-Man movies, comic books, and the character in general. Otherwise, if you’re okay with spoilers and other super hero stuff, read on!

lemme lay it down for you

like many of my favorite characters, Spider-Man is extremely fallible. I mean, sure – he has super powers [does whatever a Spider can], and he has the smarts; but ultimately – Peter Parker [depending on what form of Spider-Man you read/watch] is just a kid. He’s been Spider-Man since he was a young teen, and has grown both as a hero and a person. He’s not like Iron Man or Batman in the sense that he doesn’t have a ton of money [before being hired by Tony Stark – in the comics – he just took pictures of himself as Spider-Man and sent them to The Daily Bugle for some cash] or really – anyone.

Peter Parker has gone through a lot – both as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. from losing [more than one of] his loved ones [his parents, Uncle Ben, Gwen, etc], to feeling lost, to losing himself to the dark of his mind [read the venom symbiote story-arc], to even dying.. more than once too! It shows that even as a young man, he can push through the hardest of situations: and for that, I applaud you.

There’s also the most important part of him, which is what I take from him most: his humor. As we all know, Peter Parker – before the Spider-Man days – was a nerd. he had next to no friends, no one acknowledged him other than his family [Aunt May/Uncle Ben] and they always told him he was more than enough for anyone. When he became Spider-Man, it’s almost as if through becoming a hero, he became someone new. He jokes [almost insults] with villains while he battles them, even when he’s at the brink of death, he still makes time to make a joke out of things [SPOILER: like in Amazing Spider-Man 2, when Electro knocks him down and he’s clearly dying and his first words are “I hate this song”]

It’s through this humor [I like to believe anyway] that he manages to push through the bad, and turn it into something good. [which is something I do all the time, thanks to The Web-Head] even if he helps tons of people, he still lets Uncle Ben/Gwen Stacy’s death linger over his head – but somehow he manages to push forward, hoping one day – he can make it up to them. It’s reasons like this he left The Fantastic Four and quit The New Avengers – the more he cares about someone, the more likely they will die. No doubt he’s bound to blame himself.

In the end though, Spider-Man is still [swinging] around, but it’s not Peter Parker; not anymore. [he died in issue 700] we now have a new Spider-Man, who is none other than Miles Morales – who Peter actually gave his blessing to.  [see Miles’ costume above] I haven’t read any of the Morales time-line but at some point [hopefully soon] I plan to, because although I grew up with Peter Parker, I will gladly accept a new Spider-Man who has been passed the torch by Parker himself.

In all seriousness though, I want to thank you Spider-Man for being my hero. You’ve made me into the man I am today: making me live by the famous words of Uncle Ben: ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, and without you – I would never have become the person I am now. I may not have super powers, but through your life and your hardships, I’ve learned to be a better person – and to be strong even in the hardest of times.


welcome home. [RIP]



with great power, comes great responsibility.

Why ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ DESERVES it’s praise

being as I work all this week, I figured this [now passed] weekend was perfect time to do some things that have been scratching at my head as of late: like go and [finally] see the new Marvel film — GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. this is going to be a short-ish review so be aware that there will be spoilers after the jump, and that the full review will be found [after I type it up] over on Letterboxd here. Now, let’s talk about some space heroes, shall we? SPOILER WARNING!

The film opens up on a depressing note, with young Peter Quill watching his mother die of cancer and to make matters worse — he doesn’t know who his father is.. [but us comic book fans do, don’t we?] after running out of the hospital, young Quill gets picked up by what can only be described as the coolest alien spacecraft ever! 20-some years later, Peter is doing well; gathering interesting artifacts on different planets and pawning them off for profit – too bad the one his latest score is HUGE SPOILER ALERT! something Marvel calls: an Infinity Stone.

Now the thing about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is the fact that they’re so much more than just a group of misfits — more than a: half-human, two alien beings, a talking raccoon and a walking/talking tree; they become like a family to one another.. In the end, they actually need each other for survival. It feels real, it definitely tugs at your heart strings- in more than one way. Guardians is funny, sad, quirky and has a ton of fun being so. [don’t even get me started on that soundtrack, it’s perfect for the film]

Now what separates GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to most other Marvel films is the amount of cameos in the movie itself. From one of the Chitauri from The Avengers [you gotta look quickly – it’s in one of the glass cases during the scene with ‘The Collector’] to talks of the other Infinity Stones within the Marvel cinematic universe. The best cameo [in my opinion anyway] was the one at the end — after the credits. It’s a special little quirk, which many people may or may not have understood. That cameo was by none other than this guy!

for those keeping points at home, that’s none other than fucking HOWARD THE DUCK! he hasn’t been in a film [let alone as a cameo] since his movie in the 80s – which was a commercial flop unfortunately, but look at him! he’s nearly perfect! he looks and acts [all in a span of 30 seconds] like he should have been back in the 80s! but what does this mean though? does Marvel have a plan for a new Harold The Duck film? Or was it purely to see who’s wise enough to notice who he is? Let me know what you think of this in the comments!

So does GUARDIANS deserve it’s fan base? definitely. is it the super hero film of the summer? absolutely! So do yourself a solid and go see it — it’ll tear at your heart strings, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it! [and with a grand total of 121 minutes of super heroes goodness.. who could say no?]

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what ever happened to the heroes of yesteryear??

many a days, I feel like I was grown in the wrong year[s]: I was born in 1992, yet many of my favorite movies/cartoons are from the 1980s. With heroes like Transformers, The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, He-Man: Masters Of The Universe, even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I enjoyed them all. [just look at that artwork above, though!] I was the kind of guy who used to come home from [grade] school and sit down for hours on end, just watch these shows and obsess over these superheroes/super-humans who could do things that I couldn’t even dream of doing. I was caught up in a world that made me feel special; like I belonged somewhere. To make these shows even better than they already were[or I should say “are”] is that when the show went to a commercial break – we wouldn’t lose the fun since we’d get awesome ads for action figures [which I wish I could say I still had somewhere] based on these superheroes!

Unfortunately, most of these heroes are unknown [or even -dare I say- obsolete] to the kids of today: saying that they are ‘old school’ is almost an insult, as I feel that my heroes should still be valid [at least in some aspect] today. I mean sure, there’s some interesting super-humans that exist in television for kids now a days; but Ben 10 is not nearly as cool as the kids from Voltron! In this next part, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite heroes from yesteryear, and what makes them so damn special to me:

If you were a male child growing up in the late 80s to early 90s, chances are you watched He-Man: Masters Of The Universe. This show greatly influenced my interest in the world of fantasy. It had demons, ghosts and even talking evil skulls! He-Man was what every guy my age was striving to be. With Cringer The Battle Cat by his side, He-Man was fucking awesome, and that’s the highest compliment I can give him.

With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film coming out in theaters today, I couldn’t get away without mentioning the classic that began the brothers’ adventures! [well, technically the comic books did, but same difference..] These guys were the inspiration for this post, primarily because they were my childhood. Along with Spider-Man: The Animated Series [from 1990], I watched these guys religiously. I’m almost terrified to see the new film, for fear of ruining my childhood friends: the turtles.

Although it is [somehow] still running under Power Rangers: Megaforce, the original series [Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers] is what I remember most. Seeing these regular teenagers going from school kids to superheroes used to blow my mind with jealousy. I’m pretty sure I even went so far as to write in a school project [at the frail age of 9] that I wanted to be a Power Ranger when I became an adult! The problems with that hope is it’s still something I still secretly wish now!

So while we have newer super-humans helping Earth on our TV screens, I can’t help feeling like the classics from the 80s were more memorable [this is just my opinion, though]. I keep hoping for a new classic that feels like the older ones. [if there is one, let me know!] I guess I’m just a sucker for nostalgia though – maybe I’ll just stick to the heroes I know and love, and leave the newer ones alone..for now.

now that’s a collage of heroes if I ever saw one! [Credit – unknown artist]


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Please be aware, this post is probably going to feel relatively shorter than usual only because it’s just a quick announcement.. however, this is something I’ve been meaning to do since I started warrenisweirdmake a Facebook Page for it! the best way to find the page is by either following this l ink or even clicking the Facebook logo above! If you find yourself a fan of what I’m doing here on the blog, and you’re on Facebook [and really, who isn’t now a days?], go ahead and click that little ‘like’ and/or ‘follow’ button over there!!

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It’s because of you guys that I continue to write on here; it’s one of my favorite things to do and I’m so damn thankful that there are actually people out there that enjoy my thoughts on things! I would have never believed it until I started doing this!

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Happy Batman Day!


When I was a kid [growing up in the early 90s], I remember only relating to one superhero: Spider-Man. I was weak, ‘wimpy’ and even picked on constantly. Things like this made Spider-Man even more relatable – to this day, he is still my favorite hero of all time..but maybe not my only favorite.

It took until my late teens to realize I have to broaden my super-human love; and give all of them a chance, even if I was and still can be: a Marvel fan boy. Only one other hero took to my attention as much as Spider-Man did, and he isn’t even really ‘super-human’ : this man – is Bruce Wayne: none other than The [Goddamn] Batman !

now clearly, Batman has been around longer than the Web Slinger [a total 75 years now to be exact]; and to commemorate Batman‘s [fucking huge] fan base, DC Comics has done something no other comic company [to my knowledge anyway..] has: DC Entertainment has dubbed July 23rd, 2014 ‘International Batman Day’.. interested yet? Keep reading!

to celebrate everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, DC Entertainment is going so far as to provide comic book stores everywhere access to a huge amount of collectibles including [but not limited to] a Batman 75th anniversary cape, bookmarks, must read Batman graphic novels and four Batman masks designed by comic book artist Ryan Sook — these masks show how Batman‘s costume has changed — especially over the course of 75 years! if this isn’t awesome, I must have missed something big!

Unfortunately, I’m caught working tonight so I can’t find my way to a comic book store to celebrate The Caped Crusader. but if you have the time, you should definitely check out a store near you! if you like super heroes as much as me, or even just the character of Batman; get yourself to a comic book store, and celebrate‘International Batman Day by buying a cape, maybe a bit of ‘light reading’, wear a ton of black, and generally just feel [goddamn] proud! because let’s face the facts: a hero only turns 75 once!