A GROOVY Look Inside The Upcoming “Evil Dead 2” Coloring Book!


Awhile ago, I wrote a post about a horror coloring book and how over the last few years, adult coloring books have earned themselves enormous popularity around the world. [read that post here!] This is for good reason though, because some people see them as relaxing or therapeutic. As I am sure you are aware, there are many different themes for them; from Harry Potter to Animal Kingdoms; it really all depends what your inner child is calling for. But what if your “inner child” is none other than The King himself, Ash Williams? Then the people over at Space Goat Productions have you covered! Besides releasing a handful of comic books such as Evil Dead 2: Revenge Of Krampus, they are also putting out an Evil Dead 2 board game – which I really need on my shelf – this year! READ THAT AGAIN: an Evil Dead 2 board game! What’s next? A coloring book? Its funny you say that..because that’s exactly what is coming our way; Evil Dead 2: The Adult Coloring and Activity Book [aka: 96-pages of pure ‘Evil Dead 2’ fun!]

Of course, the book is not here yet, but you can still pre-order – arguably – the coolest coloring book of all time over on the Merch Goat website. Because I care – and I am just way too excited for this book – take a look at a few of the inside pages below and let me know what you think! They even suggest you share your “colored pages” on social media using the hashtag “#ColorMeDead” which to me sounds oh so appropriate!




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