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Dear Internet: An Epiphany By Warren[isweird]


[an accurate representation of my mind since Tuesday this past week]

Internet, we need to talk. You are probably going to want to sit down for this one, because I have something extremely important I want to talk [well, technically write] to you all about: the future of warrenisweird. If you follow me on Instagram, on Twitter, or even in real life; you probably have a good idea of where this post is headed before I even start. sigh. Believe me when I say, this is harder for me to say than it is for you to read it. Ready? This is going to be a long one so take a deep breath with me, and let’s talk. Okay, here goes.

If you have been following warrenisweird since the beginning, you would know/remember that I work at a funeral home and have been for a while now. [my fourth year is coming this July!] You would also know that my chosen career path is to become a fully Licensed Funeral Director. While this still all remains true to this day, my work-life is constantly evolving: I am learning more and more everyday about the role of a Funeral Director and through my newly learned skills, I took [what I consider] one of the biggest chances in my life and applied for College in order to become said Funeral Director. With all this busy-ness happening, you probably also have noticed a lack in posts on here. This is mainly because I have been working a lot more lately ever since we lost two staff members at work, and when I actually am off work; I am taking a break.. usually ending with me falling asleep on the couch. Hell, I haven’t even watched a movie in what feels like forever because I am so damn busy.. Be all this as it may, this past Tuesday – the 2nd of May – I received the absolute best news imaginable: I have been accepted to Humber College in Toronto [Ontario] to be a full time student [starting in September 2017] to study Mortuary Science/Funeral Studies. While I am beyond excited for this, there comes a catch.. and I am about 99.99% sure you know what I am about to say: Suddenly, everything becomes even more busy, and because of this, I have absolutely no time for warrenisweird.


[an accurate representation of both sides of my brain]

Let’s reflect for a moment: when I started warrenisweird, it was always meant to be a hobby: a if you will – place to talk about my feelings towards upcoming horror films [which I still and always will have a passion for] and movie reviews in my spare time. That last part is probably the most important part of the sentence – “in my spare time.” Little by little, I became more and more busy in my personal life, be it with work, application struggles or even just finding time to spend with my Wife. Because of this, I had no choice but to put this blog aside for a while.. Until “a while” became weeks, which felt like months. Now, especially if I am going to school in September, most of – if not all – my time and dedicated “free time” is to my education and ultimately; my future. Even after I finish the in-class portion of my schooling, I have a 5-6 day Internship [which lasts a year] before I change into that Fully Licensed Funeral Director I have been striving to become. What I am trying to say is that even after I am done school, I still would have little to no time to write up a blog post. HOWEVER, there is a silver lining to all this negativity..if can you believe it.

Although I may not have as much time to write on here, that does not mean that I am never going to write on here again – I plan on keeping the URL name [warrenisweird will forever be my namesake] and I will do my best to find time to post once and a while, there just might be a few weeks between posts.. and sometimes, no posts in a month. Also, and I realize I have said this before and failed miserably, I plan on using my Medium account as an almost “Diary” of sorts; writing about my experiences in College and other exciting life events. [if you find yourself interested, please consider following me there] Also, if you have “liked” the Facebook Page for warrenisweird, I will always/still continue to share/post horror related content. That page is not going away either! If you are a fan of warrenisweird for the movie reviews I write, those are/will be found over on Letterboxd; so follow me there if you want my thoughts on movies! [and as always do not hesitate to recommend me something to watch! It does not have to be strictly horror!]


[Where I like to think we stand as a community]

To end this word spill on a sappy lovey-dovey note, I just want to say that I appreciate every one of you that took time out of your day to read/continue to read warrenisweird. This journey into the blogging world would never have happened if not for you guys! It truly means a lot to me that people actually give a crap about what I write on here, and even engage in conversation about it – even if they disagree with my post! I love debating movie theories, and explaining why I love a certain “bad film,” it’s what connects us as horror movie fans! At least I think so, anyway. You guys are the absolute BEST and I wouldn’t trade the feeling you gave me as a writer away for anything.

So now you know. This is why I tend to “disappear” from the blog for x-amount of days/weeks, what I am up to in my personal life, and what life has for me next. I hope that I have explained this well enough, and thank you all for understanding why I am choosing to not write on here as often as I once wished I could. [At least not nearly as frequently] The best way to look at this is it is not a final goodbye, it’s “I will see you around!” As always, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [we’re just over 195+ likes – let’s get it to the 200 mark!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird from the very moment it’s been “gone live” online and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog.

Seriously though, these past few years have been a blast and if I could, I would love to continue doing this gig. Being a small time hobby, it was never meant to be a long-term career [writing online as a full time job is one of the hardest things to get into! I strongly commend those that get to do it!] As I mentioned above, I’ve also been writing my movie reviews on my Letterboxd account, this is because I’m trying to review every single movie I watch. As for my “Diary” posts? Follow me on Medium for updates on my life. These posts will be starting soon! I love you all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me through my contact page, which goes straight to my personal email. I try to reply to every one of them, so whether it’s a movie recommendation or a simple “thanks,” I can’t wait to hear from you!

As always,




SPOILERS* | Ash VS Evil Dead: Season 01 REVIEW [PART 2]


After re-reading and noticing just how long PART 01 of this review was, it’s refreshing to know that we only have a few more episodes to talk about before the finale of Season 01If you’re only joining us now, [and have seen the entire first season of Ash VS Evil Dead] you should probably turn around and read the first part of this two part-er review. [which you can do here] Like part 1 though, there’s some crazy spoilers coming your way if you’re planning on reading this, so take that as a warning – because I’m not taking the blame for you spoiling this for yourself! If you’re ready, let’s begin talking about the end after the jump!


Starting from where we left yesterday, Ash and company [as well as being joined by Amanda, the cop] begin a search for a guy that Ash knows named Lem, in order to get some fire power to use against the Evil.. except Lem is having some kind of self-discovery as a Deadite. When they finally arrive at Lem‘s place – which is more of a military camp – all the other men who Lem was with are not happy to see them..at all. It becomes obvious that Lem has been slowly killing off everyone. These militia men decide that Ash and his team are the ones behind Lem‘s new found state and that they work for someone known as Big Brother. [it doesn’t helped by one of them remembering that Amanda is a cop] Essentially the whole episode gives us Kelly and Pablo on the run [and getting to know one another a little better] and Ash/Amanda getting to know each other more intimately. While I’m glad Ash has a female that he seems to be getting close to, I can’t help think of Linda from the original films and what happened with her when Ash and her got close. And then..and then it finally happened!


In the next episode, which is titled: Ashes To Ashes, we finally return to the cabin. We see Ash look at it saying “Honey, I’m Home!” and it gave me chills; it looks the same, it feels the same, there’s even references to what happened in the original films! The only thing that could be said negatively about this episode is that Ash‘s loneliness when he thinks about the past inside that cabin, I expected to be a bit longer and to bring us to a showdown with his hand..which it does [don’t get me wrong!] it’s just ended quite soon. Amanda, in good timing, arrives just seconds after he does. Which is short lived, because unfortunately, like all Ash‘s love interests, Amanda dies! The worst part? It’s technically Ash‘s fault..well, his hand that he chopped off 30 years ago ‘s fault. We learn that even something as small as a hand, when possessed, can spawn an entire body. It just happened to spawn another Ash. [and then, the episode ends..again..] I remember first seeing her death and thinking, “maybe Ruby – who seems to know a lot about the Deadites – can save her?” Sadly, I couldn’t be any more mistaken.

Taking place right after the end of the last episode, we see that [although she died] Amanda is still around.. and yes, she’s a Deadite. [no surprise there, am I right?] A pretty extreme Deadite too, there’s one scene before Pablo and Kelly reach the cabin, [they’re still on the run from the militia by this point] where Amanda attacks the duo along with a group of three campers, two of which she kills off easily [even going as far as reaching into their heads and using their mouths as puppets – no wonder Ash like[d] her! She’s funny!] Not long after, the suspicious Ruby [who we still don’t know anything about..yet] makes an appearance and fights off Amanda. After some talking, Pablo and Kelly take her to the cabin where she [somehow] convinces Ash to give her the Necronomicon [if you listen carefully, the book has some verbal input in the debate] by ‘passing it along to her’ and defacing [quite literally] the book. The “defaced” part of the book then attaches itself to Pablo, making him [involuntarily] go “half-Deadite”? I guess? Either way, Ruby claims this is in order to finish the fight once and for all. Except she doesn’t intend to ‘finish it’, but rather start it. Ruby claims she plans on summoning, not one – but all the demons from the book and destroy all life because, as Ruby explains, leaving us on another cliffhanger scene, she wrote the book. Yes. Ruby is exactly what I didn’t expect! Even though I’m not a huge fan of cliffhangers, It’s a great setup for the final episode!


you feeling okay there, Ruby?

The finale begins with the now known evil Ruby taking Pablo, who still has the Necronomicon attached to his face, to the basement of the cabin. Ash takes off after them while Kelly is left upstairs. This episode was arguably my favorite, being as it’s not only is it fun, it’s actually enough to keep you ready for more. [and then it makes you sad when you realize we have to wait for Season 02] The direction it goes in is sharp in execution and it’s clear that Rick Jacobson – who directed this episode – does an excellent job keeping it going at a fast and frantic pace. Like I said, The show is also, for the first time, genuinely scary. There are some good jump scares in the basement and thanks to a “particular book” attached to his face, Pablo pukes up a hideous child-like demon [probably the scariest creature in the series so far], all hell breaks loose as Ash is constantly forced to watch in fear, as his friend is slowly dying from a book he swore to destroy! [Pablo even asks him to end his life on a few occasions!] But the best part of this finale is subtle. During a scene in the basement – keep your eyes open for a Nightmare of a cameo..that’s right, Freddy Kruger is referenced for a split second! [or you can just click here, I found it for you!]

Speaking of genuinely creepy, there’s a particular creepy scene where Ash‘s flashlight is moving in the dark and Kelly calls out to it. As it moves closer and closer, it abruptly turns off.. only for the child-like Deadite to scream right up in Kelly‘s face! [I can’t lie – I jumped!] If I had to pick a downside to this episode though, it’s the somewhat strange conclusion. For some reason, we see Ash [apparently] agreeing to let Ruby have control over the book and unleash all evil upon the world..in exchange for a trip to Jacksonville, some gas money and Pablo / Kelly to be perfectly fine. Something about “all for the same of bringing balance.” It was strange and not fully explained, especially seeing Ash being so easily seduced when he was able to resist the temptations of the book before. Granted, it is an Ash like thing to do: give up everything for a small break back to the simple life. This is what he wanted..right? The season ends with the trio driving toward Jacksonville, only to have a sinkhole appear behind their car, showing us that they can’t turn back.


If I’ve learned anything from Evil Dead, it’s that girls covered in blood [in the rain] is something I find very attractive.

So there you have it: an entire review of the first season of Ash VS Evil Dead. It was a long type [especially being a two part-er]  and even though I enjoyed writing them, I don’t see myself writing a review on an entire season again for a while. [unless it becomes a thing people want, that’s another story] Overall, Ash VS Evil Dead blew my expectations out of the water with the atmosphere, the characters, and the similarities that made it feel like an Evil Dead film. I also really appreciated the fact that with new ‘versions’ of Deadites, and new revelations about the Necronomicon, it tells me that we know nothing. I can only imagine how Season 02 is going to start!

So as per usual, I’m going to turn to You: the reader. What did You think about the first season of Ash VS Evil Dead? Did you enjoy it as much as I, as well as critics, did? Or was it something that wasn’t your cup of tea? Why or Why Not? Let’s talk about it in the comments! Also, if you find yourself to enjoy what I do on here, then please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 130+ likes – only a few more and we’ll have reached over 150!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!



SPOILERS* | Ash VS Evil Dead: Season 01 REVIEW [PART 1]


I believe I have made a significant find in the Kandarian ruins, a volume of ancient Sumarian burial practices. Sound familiar? If you’re a fan of a certain cult horror film, you’d know exactly where you’ve heard that before. Flash forward 30 odd years and today, we’re going full out spoiler mode with a post I’ve been wanting [but literally couldn’t right away] to write since Episode 03: a review on all 10 episodes from the first season of Ash VS Evil Dead. Technically, I already wrote a few reviews on the show [here’s my review of episode 01, and here’s another on episode 03] I’m expecting this post is going to be a long one, so long in fact; that this is going to be a two part post. This one is already really long, and tomorrow will be the FINAL few episodes – beginning where this posts ends. Also, if you haven’t already been able to tell, this post will explain everything that happened in season 01 plot wise, so if you haven’t seen the show, and plan on watching it.. don’t read this. At all. Because there will be spoilers everywhere. Ready to read a lot of words? Let’s go! 


Still here? Okay, good – let’s begin.

We start off 30 years after the original Evil Dead films, where we learn that a now constantly drunk Ash has accidentally read from the Book Of The Dead [all while getting high] and unleashed the Deadites..again. It’s pretty interesting actually, cause when we see him open the book, you can see sticky notes inside – presumably where he’s tried, and successfully begun translating the book on his own time! However, he’s working as a stock boy at another small town store, and has been living in a trailer park; constantly on the run from what happened all those years ago. When he does unleash the evil, we see the famous Evil Dead tracking shots as a result. [which is fucking awesome to see] With the help of a trusty and enthusiastic new sidekick Pablo and another store worker – the very attractive Kelly – this newly founded trio decides that it’s up to them to stop The Evil Dead. There’s also a cop, Amanda, who happens to blame Ash for all the Evil that’s happening. She’s important as well, as she shows up continuously throughout the season. [more on her later!]

This pilot was pretty damn impressive, giving hints to the original films, talking about previous characters, and even adding new ones. It shows us that Ash may have become a guy who keeps to himself and gets drunk all the time, but he’s still a fallible character; he does it because he’s been through so much that he doesn’t want to deal with it anymore; but does he really have a choice? Not really. This fantastic pilot episode ends with us seeing that Ash has a business card for a book store, which he calls the number on and mentions that they’ve spoken before about “a particular book.” This brings me to an important point in the season..


left to right: Pablo, Ash, Kelly

After seeing Lucy Lawless show up for a brief moment, with little to no explanation of who she is, we visit the episode titled Books From Beyond: where Ash and his new found gang decide to travel to a bookstore. [which shares the same name as the episode] Their game plan is to try to ‘unsummon’ the Evil through a passage inside the Book Of The Dead by the store owner, Lionel Hawkins, whom we’re left to assume Ash knows from calling a few times before. According to Hawkins, who translates the Book Of The Dead, it was written by an ancient group of evildoers called The Dark Ones[okay, that could have been a little more creative..] These not quite human, not quite demon entities wrote some spells that supposedly have the ability to open portals into Hell, and unleash their demons into our world. As Hawkins puts it, “The book itself is harmless unless wielded by someone very evil.. or very stupid.” I’ll give you three guesses which category our supposed “hero” falls into..

Almost proving Hawkins‘ point, Ash‘s new great plan to figure out why the Deadites are coming back is to release another one from inside the book, if only to ask it questions. After looking through the book for a bit, they ultimately decide on a “minor, wimpy Deadite” [as Ash calls it] named Eligos who, as the Necronomicon claims,  is a “demon of the mind.” Which is proven when he can seemingly invade his enemies’ brain! [see this ‘new’ Deadite Eligos here] We also see very little explanation of who Lucy Lawless‘ character is. Every time we see her, She seems to know a lot about Ash, the Necronomicon, and the Deadites themselves.. She’s shown to have a Kandarian Dagger from Evil Dead II as well. By the end of the episode, Pablo suggests that his Brujo could help – but they haven’t spoken in a while.. Together; Ash, Pablo, and Kelly decide that they’ll head towards Pablo‘s old place and visit his Brujo.


Ash and Brujo

After setting more Evil loose from the book; Ash, Pablo and Kelly head to Pablo‘s uncle’s house for some answers.. After all, Pablo claimed he was even a shaman! While this episode was important, it also felt like the weakest episode. The majority of it has Ash sent out on an amusing [but long] acid trip throughout the rest of the episode. Kelly is shown to be having some after-effects from the fight with Eligos in the previous episode, almost like she is possessed by the demon. and in his mind, Ash, attempts to take down Eligos. Unfortunately, he is attacking Kelly[which was probably what Elgios wanted] Pablo and his Uncle restrain Ash by knocking him out cold, and the episode ends abruptly there, on what could be considered something of a cliff-hanger.

Continuing where the cliffhanger ended, Ash and Pablo must fight to save Kelly from being taken over by Eligos, who seems to want to take her over. With time running out, the duo must defy all odds if they want to keep trio. Fighting Deadites was hard enough, but becoming one could spell murder for everyone.  While some of the interactions between the team and possessed Kelly were interesting [and actually felt like real Demon-extracting processes], this episode felt like Bruce Campbell was also required to give off a sense of helplessness as Ash, who seems to feel like he’s unable to help his friend for most of the runtime. It worked really well, and seeing a hard-ass like Ash feel helpless was heartbreaking.  Unfortunately, this episode also has Brujo‘s death, but it was good to see they didn’t just treat his death as an inconvenience – as a large portion of the episode was dedicated to his death therefore further building of Pablo‘s overall character as a result. This leads us to episode 06: The Killer Of Killers.


Now knowing what to do with the Necronomicon – thanks to that acid trip – Ash realizes what we’ve all been guessing all along. Ash [along with Kelly and Pablo] must return to where it all started: The Cabin from the original films. We also see our team stop at a bar for a little piece of cake, [y’know..to celebrate] while Amanda and Ruby arrive at Brujo‘s house, with his pyre still blazing, in search of Ash. [it’s a common thing that Amanda and Ruby show up one minute too late] Unfortunately, this episode ends with us hoping for The Cabin to show up..but doesn’t..for another few episodes. It’s not a bad episode, I just kept waiting for it to show.

And for now, that’s where I’m going to leave you. Like I said at the very beginning, this post was expected to be long. If you’re enjoying this, even with the spoilers, then please – come back around tomorrow [sometime in the afternoon] when I finish talking about the fantastic series/ first season that I’m already a huge fan of: Ash VS Evil Dead. STAY GROOVY!


so apparently OVER 500 people want Eli Roth’s “The Green Inferno” banned..

Earlier this past week, famed gore hound and Director Eli Roth spoke about his upcoming cannibal film The Green Inferno in an interview with the LA TIMES, explaining that the characters we’d be seeing on screen were his “versions” of what SJWs [or in full: Social Justice Warriors] truly are. These “Social Justice Workers” are called this because that’s just what they are – people who go online anonymously and find offense at every single little thing and are prone to engage in lengthy [and often time hostile] debates against others on a range of issues concerning social injustice, identity politics and even political correctness.. Or in this case: the dehumanization that is The Green Inferno. Apparently, as if timing is everything, a group of actual SJWs have created a petition trying to boycott the film, or worse: cancel it from being released entirely! Calling it ‘dehumanizing’ and ignorant, the group [who call themselves “Boycott GreenInferno”] wrote up a complaint addressing it to Eli Roth himself, hoping that they’ll get 1000 [or more!] supporters – The worst part? they have nearly 600 already! Here is the entire complaint in full, according to the petition itself, and make of it what you will:

“Films like this have always portrayed negative stereotypes against indigenous people as brute savages. These films have psychological effect as indigenous people have been through colonial trauma assimilating to white culture being taught self hate. Westerners are unfortunately ignorant about Amazonian indigenous cultures and depicting them in such a violent story dehumanizes their peoples and couldn’t be farther from reality. Shame on you. As a storyteller, you hold a great responsibility to influence others. Propagating such hate towards peoples who have been ravaged and raped for decades by white supremacist culture is not constructive in our fight to save the Amazon. Most indigenous communities are more in tune with nature than you’ll ever be, and would never conceive of such violence for profit. It’s a shame, we should be creating stories than accurately depict indigenous way of life which is holistic, sustainable, spiritual and harmonious with our earth and brothers and sisters. If you want to save the Amazon and stop China from buying leases to drill oil, make a story depicting the corporate shills for the murderers that they really are. You don’t have to create racist, offensive, inaccurate crap to get people to care about the most bio-diverse place on the earth. And if you really want to make a difference, give your money to organizations like ours who are the people on the ground standing up for indigenous rights and making tangible change. Indigenous peoples are the key to preserving the Amazon. If we don’t respect and empower them, we will lose the lungs of our planet. They should be honored and respected. Eli Roth has decided to glorify the White Savior Industrial Complex that has plagued indigenous people since the early colonialist days of “kill the Indian, save the man”, while the indigenous people are, of course, cannibalistic savages.” – Amazon Watch

An update to this petition even explains that The Peruvian Government is going to be taking actions that are potentially catastrophic to the indigenous tribes in the area, stating:

“In January of this year [2014], The Peruvian Government greenlighted the Camisea gas project’s expansion to the lands of “uncontacted” Amazon tribes, despite the UN’s recommendation that they first provide an extensive study of the threats the expansion would pose to the aboriginal people. This expansion gives Pluspetrol [Argentina], Hunt Oil [USA] and Repsol [Spain] permission to detonate thousands of explosive charges, drill exploratory wells and move hundreds of workers into the Nahua-Nanti Reserve for isolated and uncontacted tribes. This move by The Peruvian Government will expose the indigenous people to diseases that they lack the immunity to fight off, it will destroy their homelands and their entire way of life.”

But then it continues to state that the biggest problem here is still Roth’s upcoming movie, not the actual actions of these Governments. Because, as we all know, a movie depicting a savage cannibalistic tribe is far more damaging than these real life tribes actually being displaced and their native lands destroyed..[if you couldn’t already tell: sarcasm~] If not obvious, at least in The Green Inferno, these people actually go to the Amazon to try [and ultimately: fail] and help protect these tribes. That doesn’t sound like White Savior Industrial Complex, that’s a group of people not hiding behind their computers, leaving angry/hate filled comments on everything and actually going out into an unknown land and trying to do something good. I mean I get it, based on the trailer; they acted much too quickly by not taking the time to actually fully learn about what they’re trying to save. By them judging before learning the truth is what costs them their lives in the film: Wait a minute, this sounds familiar..? Thanks Boycott GreenInferno for proving that in his own special way, how right Eli Roth actually is, without even realizing it!

I mean, okay. I guess I understand why people wouldn’t like this movie; it clearly involves brutal death scenes, people being eaten, [presumably eaten alive] it’s essentially Eli Roth‘s love letter to Cannibal Holocaust – which in itself got banned, and it’s destined to be bloody as hell. But I mean, come on it bothers me that people are willing to hate the concept enough to try and ruin the film for everyone else. I feel that it’s one of those “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” concepts. It’s simple, really. If you want to call a horror movie ‘dehumanizing’, you may as well call all horror films dehumanizing – since people usually get mutilated/die in those movies too..just look at the SAW franchise! [with any luck, there was a group trying to boycott those films too..] The Green Inferno follows a group of student activists who travel to the Amazon to save the rainforest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.. The film is set to open in theaters on September 25th 2015..unless, y’know – that group manages to get what they want.. ugh.

if you’ve made it this far into this long post, I’ll leave you with one burning question: do you feel that The Green Inferno SHOULD be banned? Is it a film that is ‘pushing the boundaries’ too far? Or do you feel that this group of over 500 people is overreacting to a movie? Let me know your thoughts on this petition in the comments below, I’d love to know if anyone feels that the petition is valid. Also, If you found yourself to enjoy this article, please take a minute and follow me over on Facebook where you can click thelikebutton on my Facebook page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted. I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you guys to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share the page with your family and friends!


One of the perks about writing about horror films is that occasionally, film makers will send me copies of their film to review – it’s not a paid gig, and I don’t expect it to be: I do it for the sheer entertainment of it. Whether it’s horror or otherwise, I’m always up for watching something to help someone get noticed in the film industry. It’s generally by email [where I get contacted through my contact page] and I’m asked if I’m willing to do a review, which I’m not one to turn down. It’s kind of like when I wrote the last film study, I was requested to write my thoughts on the info-graph and without hesitation, [because I thought it was interesting] I jumped at the opportunity. Same goes for movies, I’m not against reviewing every film I can, it’s just a matter of if I can get to each [and every] one of them, and having time.

One such movie I was asked if I was willing to review was called The Sky Has Fallen, and the request to review was coming straight from the director/writer. I had never heard of such a film, but armed with the knowledge that it won “Best Horror Feature” at the Horror Freak Show Festival in 2009, and that the director insisted on only using practical effects; I was sold already. I looked into it a little, [not the trailer though, I wanted to go into the film blind] and found out it started out on Kickstarter, and already had a ton of people praising either the film, or the fact that Mr. Roos [the writer/director] was using practical effects, which one fan even called “a dying art” – which I must agree with. Roos also seemed to be a reader of warrenisweird, because he had mentioned in his email that he had read my thoughts on [bad] CGI, and even agreed with me! I was beyond excited for this film. With this excitement [and free time] ahead of me: I dove into the horror award winner, known only to me as: The Sky Has Fallen.

for an indie film – these effects are flawless.

The movie begins with telling us that the world has [more or less] ended, and that within a couple of hours, a new disease has wiped nearly the entirety of humankind. Trying to avoid this “infection”, people have started to evacuate cities, fleeing to remote locations such as back woods, or by the river. Some survivors have also claimed that they have been seeing mysterious black figures carrying away the dead and actually experimenting on them. Now, our two “heroes”: Lance and Rachel, are determined to fight back and plan on killing The Leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears: for good. As you can tell from the above picture, the practical effects I was told about are beyond what I expected; with an almost Sam Raimi feeling attached to them. This is a great thing, as I’m a huge fan of the original Evil Dead trilogy, and Raimi is a practical effects master! [as far as I’m concerned] I would have loved to see more of the make up effects though, because as the creatures show up, you could tell that there was great effort put into the detail, but as soon as you want to get a clear look, the camera either looks away, or pans to another scene. If I had to make a constructive criticism on one thing though, it’d be that the back woods they were walking through could have used more scenery. By this, I just mean that most – if not all – the film takes place with just trees as background. If we saw maybe some survivor huts, or some sort of structures to add more to the feeling of moving forward; giving the characters a feeling of traveling further into the woodlands.

The other thing is the acting. Overall, it’s mediocre at best, but as a lower budget flick; I’m not overly surprised. The dialogue, however, is where I have a slight complaint. It’s just how the actors deliver their lines: they’re almost over-dramatic bursts.. This can be overlooked thanks to the special effects and the story, but it’s something that sometimes feels out of place at times. My absolute favorite thing about this film [besides the use of practical effects] is that the story was not fully explained. Although that can sometimes be a downfall – especially in the horror genre – I like that other than talk of: a plague, some zombie-like beings, horrible and violent deaths, and something weird happening to humanity. That’s really the only explanation we’re given. It’s strange and obscure, but we never really know what’s actually going on or even why these two “heroes” were immune to.. whatever this virus really is: It’s subtlety at it’s finest.

Ultimately thought, in an age films are filled with CGI – which I absolutely detest –  it’s so freeing to see that practical effects are still something people play with. It’s something we need more of, even if CGI can fix what practicality can’t, it’s the effort and the time that’s put into it that makes it feel so special. The Sky Has Fallen isn’t the most perfect film I’ve ever seen – but it’s great to look at visually, and for a low budget film; it’s brilliantly put together. It’s a great first [full length] film from Director Doug Roos, and I look forward to his next film[s] ! If you like zombies, swordplay, and violence – check out The Sky Has Fallen over here: it’s not free to watch, but it’s definitely a fun film to spend an hour and a bit on. Definitely Recommended.

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film study: DEADLIEST horror movie villains [ranked by KILL count!]

Look at the picture above. Which iconic horror villain stands out the most to you? Some of these guys are the epitome of horror: Ghostface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason, Billy, Leatherface and Chucky. They are all fairly formidable foes on their own, but which one is truly the most deadly? After talking through email with someone [whom I won’t mention by name due to obvious privacy reasons] from the website buycostumes, they actually made an info-graph back in 2014 explaining which horror villain is considered the “most deadly” – at least by their kill count. When trying to export the info-graph here, the picture kind of shrunk [making it hard to read] so I’m going to break it down by horror villain, in order. With this graph, this individual and I agreed that I’d talk about it here, mainly because it’s definitely something that could be up for debate amongst horror fans, and not everyone who reads this will agree! So strap your boots on tight, kiddies: this is gonna be a long one.

[click this info-graph to see the original post by BUYCOSTUMES]

Let’s start from the top of this ladder of villains with: Pennywise, from It. Probably my least favorite on this list for the fact that I have coulrophobia. Clowns in horror isn’t really something new, but Pennywise is probably one of the scarier ones. If you want to get down to the ‘technical’ stuff, It‘s villain wasn’t always a clown, but an entity known as It, which is a shape-shifting being that can take any form it chooses; Clowns just seem relevant.. According to the graph, Pennywise isn’t nearly as violent as the others, as his kill count is at only 09. In his defense though, he did only have one movie under his belt.

Jumping from 09 kills to 22, we have The Candyman, from you guessed it; Candyman. If you’re unfamiliar with the movie [and its two sequels], Farewell To The Flesh and Day Of The Dead, the basic thing you need to know is that The Candyman is a demonic being that can be summoned by saying his name in front of a mirror five times. If you’ve ever heard of “Bloody Mary”, this is  pretty much the same concept, just with a guy with a hook for a hand instead of a woman in the mirror..

Remember Chucky? Everyone remembers the first time they saw Child’s Play: it’s actually creepy [in it’s own right] with a killer “Good Guy Doll”; where the spirit of fictional killer by the name of Charles Lee Ray puts his soul into a doll to try and live ‘forever’. I assure you, it’s a lot better than I make it sound, even if they do get a little ridiculous after the third film. Chucky has killed over 30 victims over the span of his six movies.

If you’ve never seen his films, I’m about 100% sure you’ve at least heard of Leatherface of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. The original film is gritty, it’s raw, and it’s really fucked up. In a good manner of speaking, of course. His real name is Jedidiah Sawyer, but that feels like a mouthful in it’s own, so let’s stick with Leatherface, shall we? Over seven movies later, [with a new one on the way] Sawyer has claimed himself 31 victims [beating Chucky by ONE]

Hellraiser has arguably one of the cooler villains on this list, because Pinhead is completely different than everyone else on here. I mean, think about it: he’s another worldly being who has a thing for pain, pleasure and most importantly; [Lament Configuration] puzzle boxes. nine films later, Pinhead has shown such sights to 35 people! [and that’s not including the books!]

If you know me well enough, you know that one of my [many] guilty pleasure film horror series is very clearly – the SAW series. Even if Billy isn’t the “technical” killer [the traps are] his “playthings” have been through seven movies and put in traps over 40 times, with only a [very] small number of survivors..

He’s everyone’s favorite dream-invading killer: If you die in your dream, you’re going to die in real life. Of course I’m talking about Freddy Krueger. A Nightmare On Elm Street is what I think of when I think classic slasher film; it has a bit of everything – including Johnny Depp in his first role! nine films and a [terrible] remake later, Krueger has claimed 42 sleeping teenagers and adults alike!

Imagine this: you’re about three feet tall, you’re Irish, and you’ve been kidnapped by an angry and greedy American who wants your gold. Essentially, you’ve become Lubin from the Leprechaun series. Though he may not be the first horror villain that comes to mind since he’s not overly popular, [if not for cult status]  Lubin is actually extremely violent, as proven by his 45 kills over seven [obscure] movies. Unlike others on this list, he doesn’t have a specific weapon choice either. He is the type to use whatever he can find including a pogo stick, which was used to crush a man’s chest. I don’t know if I’m scared or impressed.

As the second most dangerous horror villain, this guy is pretty impressive. Any guesses? Here’s a few clues: He’s quiet, He started killing when he was young, and His movie is named after a special day. That’s right, we’re talking about Michael Myers from Halloween. Not only is his silence scary, but the fact that his eyes seem almost empty makes him more vicious. ten films and a remake [which also had a sequel] later, Myers has claimed over 111 victims! If that’s not concerning enough, I don’t know what is..

Ranking in at number one is a villain who killed over 300+ people, He is extremely difficult to kill. Apparently if you do manage to stop him, sometimes extreme electricity can bring him back from the dead. Basically, you’re dead. No questions asked. Jason from Friday The 13th has murdered more people than anyone on this list over the span of thirteen movies. [which is kind of appropriate when you think about it] Okay, okay – I know that it was his mother in the first film, but come on – he’s still killed many others when He started doing the killing.

As proven by the above [very long] list, many horror icons have a ton of experience in being evil. There’s clowns, dolls, and dreamy killers, [pro tip: that was a joke about Freddy if you couldn’t already tell] and that’s not including horror villains that weren’t on this list [next time, Ghostface, next time..] Do you have a favorite horror icon – Who is it and why? How many films have they had and how many kills? Let me know in a comment below! Also, if you’ve made it this far – be sure to check out the original kill count post by buycostumes [found here] and tell them I sent you there!

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RANT: a ‘certain’ horror franchise is becoming a VR video game..

warrenisweird-rantChances are, you’re probably never heard of the company that calls itself “VRwerx” – and that’s okay – because until the other day; neither had I. According to their LinkedIn page, VRwerx is a “premiere innovative” Virtual Reality game developer, and distribution company who primarily focus their time on delivering high quality Virtual Reality entertainment to a global audience. This basically means that this company works to make Virtual Reality video games and sell them to the largest group they possibly can, which – speaking as a gamer – I think is really cool! naturally, it’d come as no surprise that their games specialize in working hand in hand with tools like The Oculus Rift and other Virtual Reality machines. One thing I think that would work really well with this type of gaming is horror: think about it. You could essentially be in that world; not just being scared of what you see on screen [as if you’re watching a movie], but actually feeling like you’re in that specific horror scene. Imagine wearing The Oculus Rift, and finding yourself strapped into a Reverse Bear Trap from the SAW franchise? That’d be fucking terrifying! But why am I talking about Virtual Reality video gaming on a horror blog that generally talks horror movies? Let’s rewind for a second..

Not even five seconds ago I mentioned that I’d love to see horror come to Virtual Reality, I think it’d be super effective if done correctly, and that it could really boost a franchise hit the “next level”. [even for me – that was a bad pun..] It’s looking like I spoke too soon though, because one such horror franchise revealed a day or two ago that we’re getting a VR version of it.. and that franchise is none other than.. Paranormal Activity.

I know Keanu, I’m not happy about it either..

I know, I know; like Keanu Reeves, I’m a little skeptical about the thoughts around this. I’m not a big fan of Paranormal Activity as it is, and I’m beyond tired of supernatural movies..let alone shaky cameras. But, as it turns out, a Paranormal Activity VR video game is planned to be released for all major head-mounted displays including: The HTC Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus, The Oculus Rift; PC; mobile; and even home video game consoles – such as The Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Although there’s no concept details of the game yet, Russell Naftal, The Co-Managing Partner of VRwerx says “Paranormal Activity is the perfect property for VRwerx. This franchise represents a huge audience that loves visceral and unbridled terror, which we intend to intensify through the incredible immersion that only virtual reality can enable. Our goal is for our Paranormal Activity VR video game to not only be the scariest game you’ve ever played, but the scariest experience you’ve ever had!”

That’s quite the claim, but if done correctly – it could be just as terrifying as they seem to say it will be. Earlier this year, another Virtual Reality game was demo-ed called Catatonic: A VR Experience. To add to the scary atmosphere, players were actually strapped to a wheelchair while wearing a Virtual Reality head-mount; which had them “wheeling” through the halls of an abandoned asylum! If VRwerx is right about one thing; it’s that with Virtual Reality, it’s all about the atmosphere and in depth immersion, which can open up the mind to more frightening scenarios.. where you actually experience what you’re playing.

contrary to belief: this is not a screenshot from the upcoming game.

I guess I’m just worried that it won’t live up to the expectations, and the strong claims of VRwerx. I’m already not a huge fan of Paranormal Activity, which sparked this “rant”; but making it into a Virtual Reality video game just concerns me more-so. As I said though, if it’s done right – this is going to be great; even surpassing the movies with their scare tactics. [which, in my opinion, isn’t that difficult] While we’re on the topic of everyone’s favorite ghost stories; if you weren’t already aware, there is a sixth Paranormal Activity film in production, [groan] subtitled “The Ghost Dimension, and it’s currently set for an October 23rd release. Chances are, I’m not going to be seeing it, only because I’m just tired of shaky cameras, ghosts and loud/annoying jump scares.

So the real question is: how do you feel about a Paranormal Activity video game? Even with Virtual Reality, is it going to be the next big thing or is it time to put the PA ghost[s] to rest for good? Also, if you could choose one horror film to make into a Virtual Reality video game, what game would that be and why? Let me know in a comment or two! If you found yourself to enjoy this piece of writing, please take a minute and follow me over on Facebook where you can click the “like” button on my Facebook page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted. I also share links and pictures that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps a ton, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share the page with family and friends!