GET OVER HERE.. Because Ghana Made Their OWN “MORTAL KOMBAT” Film!


The Mortal Kombat films have had quite an interesting history. Between having a massively successful initial first film back in 1995 – which I absolutely love – there was its atrocious sequel from 1997 that and even a TV series in 1998 called Mortal Kombat: Conquest. Because of how badly these were received, MK fans did not get another film/TV show for a long time, probably out of fear of getting even worse reviews, until the gritty and darker toned 2011 webseries called Mortal Kombat: Legacy came along. Legacy took the internet by storm and sparked hope for a newer [and understandably gorier] film, which has since been confirmed with James Wan as one of the Producers. This makes sense, because as horror fans know, Wan is one of the original producers of the SAW franchise.

While we wait for that newer and gorier entry, fans of the series can take solace in the fact that Ghana – of all places – has created their own film adaptation of Mortal Kombat, and it looks like it was created by a small group of fans of the video game series. What I am trying to say is it looks bad..really bad. The quality is abysmal, and the acting is absolutely atrocious. The special/visual effects are about as good as what you could expect to see on PlayStation 1, but it is fairly clear that the “actors” have a lot of heart and after watching this “version” of Mortal Kombat, it became fairly obvious that those involved have a deep and loving appreciation for the game series and its lore. Remember, this is not the Mortal Kombat you know, but it definitely falls into the “so bad it’s good” category of films. For these reasons, I love the fact that so much soul and dedication went into making it. Even if it is a terrible final product.


It should also be noted that in Ghana there are two different studio approaches: Ghallywood and Kumawood. Ghallywood is the equivalent of Hollywood, and is the more serious of the two – releasing higher budget films that tend to use English as their main language. However Kumawood, almost never has a script written and the actors involved are generally improvising on the spot. There’s other differences, like budget and culture, which you can read about here. Based on this knowledge, it is safe to say that this version of Mortal Kombat was made by Kumawood. Want to get your own feel for Ghana‘s film? Let me enlighten you by checking out the trailer below!

Needless to say, if you are not a fan of terrible movies – especially ones that were already terrible to begin with – you probably will not enjoy watching Ghana‘s Mortal Kombat film. It definitely did not have the largest budget, but until James Wan releases even a tease as to the version of Mortal Kombat that he is part of, we – the viewers – will have to settle for less than appealing versions of the series. As always, now I ask: what are Your thoughts on Ghana‘s version of Mortal Kombat? Was it something that you could see yourself watching? Or would you not be able to take it seriously, especially with its less than small budget? Let me know your thoughts in a comment or two! Be sure to also follow me over on my Facebook page! [we’re at over 180+ likes – let’s get to 200!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been “gone live” online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. So go follow over there too! Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!

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Tom Six’s NEWEST film is COMING: & It’s NOT another “Human Centipede” sequel!

Whether you love him or hate him, Tom Six has made a name for himself in Hollywood; with a trilogy of films that people aren’t exactly proud to say they know by name. With Six’s grand finale – The Human Centipede III: Full Sequence, coming to DVD/Blu ray on October 27th, [read my review on the third film here!] the director is now officially ready to release yet another treat for fans: this time, in the form of his debut film: [which was initially released in 2008!] What The F**k?!, [which is also known as “I Love Dries” in some countries] which will also be coming to home video, with English subtitles, in the near future.. though no exact date has been confirmed as of yet. But, knowing that international audiences are getting a film [albeit, almost 8 years later!] tells me that Six was waiting for the perfect time to re-release it. And Who knows? It’s possible this is a decent film, which’ll help sooth the feeling of how bad Final Sequence was.. There’s no trailer for this film released yet, though I’m sure if you were to dig deep into Youtube, you might be able to find something related from it’s initial release. However, we do have a synopsis for the film, which after reading it, it naturally sounds fucked up! [though, what do we really expect from the man who gave us Human Centipede?] Curious? Read on!

“What the F**k?! is an hilarious black comedy about famous Dutch singer Dries Roelvink, who is kidnapped by his two biggest fans to their trailer in the middle of nowhere. They don’t want an autograph though, but something completely different. As it turns out, the couple’s biggest wish is to have a baby of their own, but the husband is infertile. Dries is forced to live with this gruesome twosome until he gets the woman pregnant..”

If that’s not interesting, I don’t know what is! [I use the term ‘interesting’ very lightly] Because we don’t have anything we can really work with yet, I’ve included the film’s poster and a few screenshots from the film itself below! This way, you can decide for yourself if the film looks worthwhile; or a waste of time..The part that truly raises questions to me, is why Dries Roelvink agreed to play himself? Especially, based on the story! It doesn’t help that reviews I’ve seen online have been somewhat positive..though, the viewers may enjoy this kind of thing..

Once again, no trailer has been released for the film yet – at least, not an international one [don’t hold me to that, there might be no trailer at all.. yet!] but the film has an interesting least as far as Tom Six goes. The one thing that has me concerned is that it’s a black comedy, [much like Human Centipede III was] meaning it could go either way. Also, being as this is a re-release of Six‘s first film; who knows where it’ll go? As I said above, I’ve read a few positive reviews on this film, and that could be a good thing..or not.

How do you feel though about What The F**k?! ? Is it a unique concept, that will make it become a good watch/a cult classic? Or is it something that’s going to make Tom Six‘s name skyrocket through Hollywood.. as one of the worst directors of this day and age? Let me know in a comment or two! I’m both genuinely concerned, but also curious about the film.. I’ll probably watch it – just to say I did; but for no other reason! Also, if you found yourself to enjoy this film review, please take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 100+ likes – only 15 more and we’ll have reached 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!


Whether It’s A Word, Or A Look: Let’s Talk About “THE BABADOOK”

After waiting forever for it to hit Netflix, I finally committed myself to seeing The Babadook: an Australian film that doesn’t skip out on the scares. With it’s hauntingly beautiful cinematography, it’s really good acting, and even it’s ever depressing tone, [which I’ll get to later] I was begging for this movie to be as good as it was living it up to be – and it certainly was! The fact that, being a foreign film, there were actors that I didn’t recognize – It’s made it something I found myself to really enjoy. Overall, the film was atmospheric, it was extremely suspenseful at times- without relying on jump scares- and best of all: it felt real. As with most of my reviews, there are spoilers ahead, so read on with that warning fresh in your mind..

The Babadook follows Amelia – a single mother plagued by thoughts of of her [dead] husband and her struggles to raise her troubled [and often times, even angry] son, Samuel. Regardless of these hardships though, Amelia still somehow manages to find the patience to read a book to her son every night. One specific night though, Samuel finds a book sitting on the top shelf, titled “Mister Babadook”, which he doesn’t seem to recognize.. [STEP ONE, KID: IF YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE SOMETHING, DON’T TOUCH IT; LEAVE IT ALONE!!] After more or less guilting his Mother to read this dark, unfamiliar book to him, Samuel starts making weapons out of wooden planks, tennis balls, and even dart guns[pretty smart for a 7 year old..] Naturally, this ultimately end up with him being expelled from school – as we are told that he was telling people about the “Babadook“, and even firing his “toys” at the other kids!! But like any good horror story, strange things begin to happen at home – and they all seem to follow what we saw in the book, making Amelia [and Samuel] start to “see”, and feel the presence of the Babadook in their dreams, see it manifest itself onto TV [or at least, creatures that look close to] and – as they, and we – as the audience, fears most in every day real life.

what a fucked up book..

BUT, There are exceptions to things I’ve said above though, such as one of the more important things people should know about the film, especially before diving in thinking it’s a monster movie – is that it’s not entirely about The Babadook as a monster. [wait, what?] Let me explain that: even though our “villain” has a fantastic [albeit, somewhat campy] design and his story is told extremely by a twisted storybook with violent, but great illustrations , the movie still stands taller with it’s take on the more human side of the tale – which is the seeing the struggle of Amelia as a mother who is clearly unable to live normally.

Sometimes, just watching the pacing of her life may feel like it’s moving too fast for the film, but if you include all the sadness and deprivation beneath her regular troubling days, you can tell that underneath all Amelia‘s strength, and her pains as a single mother, she’s hurting. badly. The film chooses to deliberately takes their personal grief, and then make sure that we, as the viewers, know that deep down – they aren’t actually insane: but that they’re hurting inside and that nobody else could ever understand what they’re going through. Therefore, although the movie talks about a “monster under the bed”, the plot is mainly concerned about Amelia finding a way to overcome Samuel‘s behavioral issues and her plaguing memories of the loss of her husband, rather than dealing with a supernatural threat calling itself “Babadook.”

Unless you count It Followswhich I talked about in great detail over here, It’s been a very long time since I have seen a horror film this effective. The Babadook is a film that is interested in engaging the audience with its characters, relying on it’s subtly and clever imagery to legitimately scare its audience – rather than go cheap, and use ineffective jump scares. If you haven’t seen it yet – take advantage of it being on Netflix; because every positive review you’ve read is true, just take one word of advice: if you have a book calling itself Mister Babadook on your shelf, and you don’t recognize it – don’t fucking touch it..