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GET OVER HERE.. Because Ghana Made Their OWN “MORTAL KOMBAT” Film!


The Mortal Kombat films have had quite an interesting history. Between having a massively successful initial first film back in 1995 – which I absolutely love – there was its atrocious sequel from 1997 that and even a TV series in 1998 called Mortal Kombat: Conquest. Because of how badly these were received, MK fans did not get another film/TV show for a long time, probably out of fear of getting even worse reviews, until the gritty and darker toned 2011 webseries called Mortal Kombat: Legacy came along. Legacy took the internet by storm and sparked hope for a newer [and understandably gorier] film, which has since been confirmed with James Wan as one of the Producers. This makes sense, because as horror fans know, Wan is one of the original producers of the SAW franchise.

While we wait for that newer and gorier entry, fans of the series can take solace in the fact that Ghana – of all places – has created their own film adaptation of Mortal Kombat, and it looks like it was created by a small group of fans of the video game series. What I am trying to say is it looks bad..really bad. The quality is abysmal, and the acting is absolutely atrocious. The special/visual effects are about as good as what you could expect to see on PlayStation 1, but it is fairly clear that the “actors” have a lot of heart and after watching this “version” of Mortal Kombat, it became fairly obvious that those involved have a deep and loving appreciation for the game series and its lore. Remember, this is not the Mortal Kombat you know, but it definitely falls into the “so bad it’s good” category of films. For these reasons, I love the fact that so much soul and dedication went into making it. Even if it is a terrible final product.


It should also be noted that in Ghana there are two different studio approaches: Ghallywood and Kumawood. Ghallywood is the equivalent of Hollywood, and is the more serious of the two – releasing higher budget films that tend to use English as their main language. However Kumawood, almost never has a script written and the actors involved are generally improvising on the spot. There’s other differences, like budget and culture, which you can read about here. Based on this knowledge, it is safe to say that this version of Mortal Kombat was made by Kumawood. Want to get your own feel for Ghana‘s film? Let me enlighten you by checking out the trailer below!

Needless to say, if you are not a fan of terrible movies – especially ones that were already terrible to begin with – you probably will not enjoy watching Ghana‘s Mortal Kombat film. It definitely did not have the largest budget, but until James Wan releases even a tease as to the version of Mortal Kombat that he is part of, we – the viewers – will have to settle for less than appealing versions of the series. As always, now I ask: what are Your thoughts on Ghana‘s version of Mortal Kombat? Was it something that you could see yourself watching? Or would you not be able to take it seriously, especially with its less than small budget? Let me know your thoughts in a comment or two! Be sure to also follow me over on my Facebook page! [we’re at over 180+ likes – let’s get to 200!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been “gone live” online; and I also share links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. So go follow over there too! Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends!

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WEIRDO’WEEN #16: The Babadook [2014]

weirdoween2015After reviewing not one but three movies in the Hatchet series, which were over the top [and gory] slasher films, I decided it was time to switch it up and review one of my favorite films of 2014: The Babadook. I’ve actually technically already reviewed it, here, But with it’s hauntingly beautiful cinematography, it’s really good acting, and even it’s ever depressing tone, I was begging this movie to be as good as it was living it up to be, especially after everyone wanted me to see it – and it certainly was.. It was everything I hoped it would be; with it being a foreign film, there were actors that I didn’t recognize – It’s made it something I found myself to really enjoy. This film was atmospheric, it was extremely suspenseful at times- without relying on too many jump scares- and best of all: it felt real. So let’s jump in to a film that really surprised me when it was first released. It’s not so much violent and gory, but rather psychological. So, whether it’s a word, or a look, let’s talk about..

weirdo'ween-#16The Babadook follows Amelia, a widow who lost her husband in a car crash on the way to give birth to Samuel – their only child. As seen in the movie, she struggles to cope with her fate as a single mom, especially with Samuel‘s constant fear of monsters and violent response as his way to overcome these fears. Because of this, Amelia has almost no friends, and the friends she does have become distant. Just when you think that things cannot get any worse, Amelia and Samuel read a book they found in Samuel‘s book shelf which spoke about the ‘Babadook‘ monster: who hides in the dark areas of their house. Fears become superstition when even Amelia begins to feel the effect of Babadook and desperately tries to destroy the book. This is the nightmarish experience a mother and son encounter for the rest of movie; or in this case, story.

At first glance, The Babadook may sound like it’s a tale that meant to warn people not let children make creepy stories up into their heads. Although understandable, as a way of coping, it may also seem like it’s one of those old horror movies with children being influenced by a ghost. [kind of like Poltergeist] The monster that’s called The Babadook, comes off as having the potential of being a silly urban legend, such as Slender Man[I am so tired of Slender Man] that is destined to be flooded with it’s own online stories, or simply just another horror monster, but what makes the film surprisingly effective is that it has a different plan for itself than “just scaring the audience.” More than anything, it may as well be a character study of a mother who is having a hard time moving on after the tragedy she’s been through and trying to raise her only son. It is a slow burner, as the real horror doesn’t come out that quick, when it comes to the characters we’ve already been introduced to.. it’s already built itself up as a study high. The tension you come to feel as the movie progresses is just award for being caught up by the core story line.

it doesn’t help that Samuel is a creepy looking kid.. I blame the Monster in his head

One thing that is important to note is the Babadook himself. When we actually start to see it, we notice it has an almost ridiculous design and his story is told well by a twisted storybook with wonderful illustrations. It almost feels like the movie is trying to explain that he isn’t the point of the film.. that he’s basically Amelia‘s “coping method” of sorts. The pacing of Amelia‘s life may move too fast within the film, but the sadness and deprivation beneath those regular troubling days are noticeable; you can tell that she’s struggling with Samuel, that she still isn’t over the loss of her husband, and that the plot is mostly concerned with Amelia finding a way to overcome Samuel‘s behavioral issues and her memories of accident; rather than dealing with this supernatural threat. What I’m trying to get at, is that even if there’s a “monster” tormenting this family, it still feels more like they’re being tormented by life, and the “monster” is their grievance personified.

This is where I sound like I’m complaining – at least, on behalf of some people. The thing about The Babadook is some horror fans might get disappointed for not giving The Babadook monster enough of the characterization he seemingly deserves. [I’ve heard this complaint a lot] Even if it is a lot more interesting to follow than his tricks and angry monster feelings, that is why I keep claiming that the the movie is best described as a gloomy story about a mother and a son who are desperately fighting to keep a hold of themselves and promise to protect each other from the opposing odds; even if this promise doesn’t always apply, The Babadook is more than just another horror film. While it still has the right amount of admirably campy scares, which I absolutely love, the film often explores to the larger and much affecting side of the story, making it more depressing – rather than terrifying..though it is terrifying in it’s own right.

So like I said in my original review of The Babadook; Unless you count It Followswhich I talked about in great detail over here, It’s been a very long time since I have seen a horror film this effective; especially one from the last year! The Babadook is a film that is more interested in engaging the audience with its characters, relying on it’s subtly and clever imagery to legitimately scare its audience; rather than go cheap, and use ineffective jump scares. [like 99.9% of horror films now a days] If you haven’t seen it yet – take advantage of it being on Netflix; because every positive review you’ve read is true, just take one word of advice: if you have a book calling itself Mister Babadook on your shelf, and you don’t recognize it – don’t touch it..don’t even look at it: Chances are, it’s probably not such a good idea.

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WEIRDO’WEEN #05: Children Of The Night [2014]


If you’ve been following warrenisweird for a while now, you’d know that I receive special screener copies of movies in the mail before their widespread release date. They’re usually foreign films that I’ll get an email about first but a couple days ago, I received one that I hadn’t heard of. [all the way from Argentina!] It had a evil looking kids on the cover, and had the title Children Of The Night yet everywhere I looked online, it was under as the title Limbo. Either way, with a name like Children Of The Night, I took it to obviously mean that vampires would be somehow involved – and were they ever! If you follow me on Twitter, I also used “#livetweet” last night as I sent tweets as I was watching the film – as a way to give my thoughts as the movie went along [if you want this to become a “thing”, let me know!] and by the movie’s end; I quite enjoyed it. So let’s talk about these Children, [Of The Night] assuming they really are kids..


The story follows a secluded colony of child-like vampires who are being hunted by vengeful villagers. We meet Alice, a journalist, who decides to visit a secluded Orphanage she’s heard about where the children suffer from an unknown skin disease. According to Erda, a religious ex-nurse whose destiny in life is to find these ‘lost souls’ and raise them in her Orphanage, – which is called Limbo – this disease makes the children sensitive to the sun’s light, making them almost nocturnal; the kids only come out at night, and for some reason – they act fairly mature for their age. Oh, and you gotta give them points, cause this disease that the “kids” have is called “Translyvirus.” [if that doesn’t scream the word ‘vampire’, I don’t know what does..] 

Eventually, Alice learns [like us, the viewer, already knows] that they are in fact not children, but vampires aging anywhere from 4 to 120 years old, who have been bitten at an early age and forever remain in that physical state. [because, as we’re told, “young blood tastes better”] Through religious teachings, nocturnal rituals and the occasional visit to local towns for fresh human blood, Erda keeps them safe – at least, until a group of men from a nearby village plot to destroy the refuge. Now the children, headed by none other than the 90-year-old grandson of Count Dracula, must defend their way of life, or accept their defeat; in death!

Quite literally, because not even half an hour into the film and already one of these “vampire kids” is killed.

What’s great about Children Of The Night is that even if these “kids” are really “adults in kids bodies”, we see them act like kids, at least during the darkest parts of the evening. We see some kids sitting under a tree reading [although that kid admits to being over 80!] and another fixing a bicycle wheel! It’s really appealing to see that they’re still in some shape.. human.There’s also a subplot about how Alice, the journalist who’s been interviewing these vampires, [who seem very open to talking about it for some reason] knew Seigfried, one of the vampires when she was a kid, but didn’t recognize him until he explained that he had been protecting her for a very long time. He’s also a fairly young vampire; being only 33 [just like Alice!] and that he’s been in love with her ever since they were kids. It’s weird, and almost uncomfortable, to watch a child actor tell a grown woman that she has “great breasts”.. but it’s okay, because the character is actually 33…right? Either way, you’re here for the vampires; like the blood and the biting, and stuff..

[left to right: Seigfried and Alice. remember, they’re technically lovers..]

It’s only just before when the group of men come to attack, that things really take off in a bloody, messy way. About three-quarters into the movie, Erda allows the vampires to go to the nearby village to feed before they start hunting the men who plan on destroying the Orphanage. Sounds legit, until you realize that this movie isn’t the standard vampire flick!

Before they ‘head out’, [so to speak] the vampires all gather in the basement of Limbo..for a drink? The scene is actually really good, showing kids aerating the blood [like wine] and talking about it’s different scents. One vampire even offers another some ‘wine’ from an 80 year old nun, which he turns down because it’s too bitter. Then, the final showdown with the group of men happens.

Being as it’s a full out fight between just under 10 men versus [around] 20 vampires, it goes just as you’d expect it to..except with techno music, and kids. It’s bloody, it’s gory, and it’s actually really well executed. If vampire children wasn’t enough to keep you satisfied, there’s a scene where the two 80 year old vampire kids actually pull the intestines out of one of the men, and play jump rope with them.. it’s oddly satisfying. I tried to find a clip of it, because it’s arguably my new favorite thing, but to no avail.

y’know, for the Grandson of Dracula, he definitely has the look working for him..

I won’t say that Children Of The Night is a perfect film; it’s subplot with Seigfried and Alice was a little strange for my liking, [and in case you’re wondering; he does change her into a vampire by the end of the film. Thus, making them “together forever”..] and on my screener copy; the subtitles were a bit off with some words not fully in English. [almost like a half English, half Spanish hybrid] However, by the end of the credits, I can honestly say that I found so much more positive than negative within the film. There was many moments where I found myself smiling because the film found ways to make the vampires different and likable. I had a huge grin on my face during some of the more obscure scenes too; mainly the scene with the intestines being used as jump rope and another where one kid gets her finger half bitten off, only to be met with hearty laughter from Erda, who states: “it’ll be better by morning!

Hopefully, this review helps people understand that Children Of The Night was a surreal experience that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. [to say in the least] It had humor, as well as the vampire scare factor; which made the film an entertaining watch. Be sure to catch the movie when it’s released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 26th, 2015! what are your thoughts on a movie about vampire children? Nothing new? Or something that should be explored more? Let me know in a comment or two! Also, if you have an idea for the next weirdo’ween review please let me know which movie[s] you want to see next! If you found yourself to enjoy this particular review – and want to see more – then take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes almost at 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; as well as links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends! Join me tomorrow when I post weirdo’ween #06STAY TUNED!


WEIRDO’WEEN #03: DEAD SNOW [2009] / DEAD SNOW 2 [2014]


Being as it’s October now, and the days are getting colder as they go along, I figured we should talk about the impending snow fall that is going to eventually be headed our way. I know, I know; it’s something that people hate but – at least for us in North America – it’s usually only a once a year kind of season. However, snow isn’t all bad, it gives us the chance to do things we wouldn’t do otherwise. Things like: snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, and best of all – sit around a fireplace at the local cottage.

This is where today’s movie[s] comes in: It follows a group of medical students: Martin, Roy and Erlend who travel with their friend Vegard to meet with their girlfriends: Hanna, Liv and Chris; to spend Easter vacation in an isolated cabin in the wilderness in Øksfjord. It’s not a deserted cabin though, like most movies; this one belongs to Vegard‘s girlfriend Sara, who recently went missing. Today’s movie [and it’s sequel] comes all the way from Norway and is none other than Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2. Being as this is technically two reviews in one, I’ll try and tie them together, making this review slightly longer than usual.

weirdo'ween-#3Starting with Dead Snow, the movie opens with a unnamed woman being chased through the snowy hills of Norway. By the the time she finally stops running, she finds herself cornered and eaten by zombies in World War II German uniforms.. I mean, jeez, this movie does not wait around – it gets right into it!

The movie then cuts to seven medical students on who are all on Easter vacation. [as I mentioned above!] The group arrive at a small cabin near Øksfjord, which they explain is about a 45-minute walk from the road where they have left their cars. [well, there’s movie trope/mistake number one!] The cabin they plan to stay at is owned by Sara, a friend of the other seven students who is Vegard‘s girlfriend – who we find out is one of the group’s members with the most knowledge of the wilderness. However, Sara has been skiing across the mountains to find her way to the rest of the friends, but hasn’t arrived yet.. well – dammit.

Like typical students, the group start to drink [and party] until a mysterious man arrives at their door. He explains to them the dark history of the land they’re ‘relaxing’ at; according to this man, during World War II, a force of “Einsatzgruppen” led by the dreaded Standartenführer Herzog occupied and claimed the area. During three long years, the Nazis abused and tortured the local people, and near the end of the war, with Germany’s defeat coming close, Herzog‘s men looted all their valuables, before ultimately leaving the region. The citizens managed to start an uprising to ambush the Nazis, and actually defeated a lot of them, not all, but a lot. The surviving Nazis, including Herzog, were all chased into the mountains. Being as they never returned, it was assumed by locals that they all froze to death. According to the stranger, the area still has an evil reputation by people, and after leaving that story in the minds of our main cast, he leaves. Naturally though, the mysterious man is soon murdered by zombies while camping in the snow.

The next morning Sara has still not arrived and Vegard takes the group’s snowmobile to look for her. He finds the body of the hiker in his tent, only to fall through snow into a small cave below. Back at the cabin, the other students find an old wooden box filled with valuables such as jewels and coins hidden under the floorboards of the cabin. They consider taking and selling it, but eventually put it back, although some of them keep items. Soon enough, we see Erlend get killed as well – in the best way possible: to summarize, through out the movie, Erlend is seen wearing a Dead Alive shirt, and his death sequence is a direct copy of the first death scene in the movie Dead Alive! Check it out!

This film is filled with blood, guts, and it’s extremely over the top. Making this movie more comedy than horror. It has a lot of call backs to other horror films including Evil Dead 2, [I mean, Martin cuts his entire arm off – with a chainsaw – sound familiar?!] and Dead Alive – as I mentioned above. This is not a bad thing though, it’s actually a lot of fun to watch: and a good choice if you’re trying to introduce someone to horror! But this movie also ends on a cliff-hanger with Martin finally realizing that the zombies are after their stolen loot and not out to kill. [unless they have to] Martin finally gives the box of gold back to Herzog and runs for the cars. However, when he reaches his car, a single coin falls out of Martin‘s pocket. Cursing everything, he looks around..only to see Herzog smashing the car window. AND THAT’S WHEN DEAD SNOW 2 COMES INTO PLAY! But first, let’s quickly check out the trailer for the first Dead Snow film:

Now, onto Part 2! Remember how I said Martin removes his entire arm with a chainsaw? Remember how I said Herzog comes smashing into the car window? Dead Snow 2 starts directly from that point [imagine the credits of the first movie didn’t exist!]  At the beginning of this sequel, Herzog is still holding on to Martin‘s car as he tries to escape. An oncoming truck slices off then Herzog‘s arm, which remains in the car with Martin, though he doesn’t think anything of it.. Until Martin is caught in an accident! He wakes in a hospital, and the police [like any sane person] don’t believe his stories about zombies and try to charge him with the murder of his friends. Also, Martin finds that one of the surgeon’s has [mistakenly] attached Herzog‘s arm to his stump..well, dammit. As we probably all expected the zombie arm goes berserk and attacks everyone within it’s reach. After Martin kills several people against his will, he is sedated and strapped tightly to the bed.

We then see Bobby, a kid American tourist, who sneaks into Martin‘s room when he hears rumors of a zombie attack. Impressed with Martin‘s zombie arm, [rather than, I don’t know, be scared?] Bobby frees Martin and tells him about “The Zombie Squad“, who; as Bobby claims are American professional zombie hunters. Before Bobby can contact them though, [wait hold did this kid get their number? It’s not like they have a website…do they?] Martin‘s new zombie arm throws Bobby out the hospital window! Panicked, Martin follow to where Bobby would have landed and gives the kid CPR. The zombie arm instead crushes Bobby‘s chest, killing the kid instantly. [I mean, what the fuck?! Child-killing? Blasphemy!] Martin escapes the police, who believe him to be a child killer, [well – he technically is a child killer – even if not on purpose] and decides to use the kid’s phone to talk with The Zombie Squad, who promise to come to Norway and help with his “zombie problem”. In the meantime, they ask Martin to find out what Herzog wants, because they believe it will help stop the madness. Naturally though, we learn that The Zombie Squad is actually three nerdy friends: Daniel, Monica, and Blake.

At a World War II museum in the town – which feels very convenient –  Martin meets one of the greatest character in this film: Glenn. After using the zombie arm to intimidate him, Glenn tells Martin about Herzog‘s history: according to Glenn, Herzog was originally tasked by Hitler himself to wipe out an entire Norwegian town for their anti-Nazi sabotage. Martin quickly concludes that Herzog intends to carry out his orders, but before long, Herzog and his zombies attack a group of tourists who happen to be just outside the museum. After the battle against them, Herzog goes crazy and resurrects more of the dead and takes a World War II-era tank. In order to survive, Martin and Glenn [somehow] escape by pretending to be mannequins in the museum. While looking at the carnage, Martin accidentally discovers that his zombie arm can also raise the dead. When Daniel [and the other two members of The Zombie Squad] arrives, he kills Martin‘s new sidekick zombie; but Martin demonstrates his newfound power by raising it again! [see picture above]

Martin, Daniel, and the unnamed sidekick zombie  work together and find a graveyard where Russian POWs were buried, while Monica, Blake, and Glenn all work to slow down Herzog. In an effort to help out, Monica and Blake convince Glenn to act as bait to draw some of the zombies into a local swamp, where they will kill them with grenades found in the museum. After shooting at them with the tank gun several times, albeit, missing them; Herzog continues on his way. Meanwhile, the others discover the graveyard they read about at the museum, and Martin goes all out and raises an entire troop of Russian zombies. Then, the final battle comes.

The battle is seemingly going well at first, but the Nazi zombies eventually overpower Martin‘s Russian zombies. As the Nazi zombies close in on them, Daniel tells Martin to kill Herzog, once and for all. As Daniel attempts to take control of the Nazi zombie’s tank, Martin directly faces Herzog, telling him that he’s lost, and he should surrender [though, I figure Martin plans on killing him either way] Monica and Blake are about to be overwhelmed in the background though when suddenly Daniel fires the tank gun directly at Herzog while Martin keeps him distracted.. In what feels like 100 years, [or in this case: two movies] Herzog is decapitated, which leave his troops falling lifelessly to the ground, thus saving Monica and Blake. After they celebrate, Martin drives to the church where Hanna – Martin‘s girlfriend from the first movie – is buried, digs up her corpse, and brings her back. [as a zombie] The two proceed to kiss and have sex as the sidekick zombie looks on in the distance. what. the. fuck. Also, for those of you holding out for a third Dead Snow film, we get a post-credits scene! In said scene, we see a Nazi scientist-like zombie holding Herzog‘s “live” head! As I said, these movies are ridiculously gory/bloody. But surprisingly, not scary at all – just violent. They are cheesy, they both have fantastic writing, and I totally recommend watching both – in order. If you were to watch the first film, and then quickly throw in the second without watching the credits, you’d have a full length feature. They are foreign films though, so be warned of the subtitles – if you can handle them, be sure to watch Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2: Red VS Dead.  [Also, here’s the trailer for the second movie!!]

Now I look to you: are you planning on watching these films? Or have you already seen them? If you have, what did you think? silly, gory, zombie fun? Or are you more of a fan of scary zombies? Let me know in a comment or two! Also, even if I have the first few film reviews planned already, please let me know which movie[s] you want to see reviewed next! If you found yourself to enjoy review – and want to see more – then take a minute and follow me over on my Facebook page [it’s at over 120+ likes almost at 130!] By clicking that “like” button, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted online; as well as links to articles and pictures/videos that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps me a ton, giving me the ability to write more posts for you to read, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share The Facebook Page with your family and friends! Join me tomorrow when I post weirdo’ween #04STAY TUNED!


TRAILER THOUGHTS: The Corpse Of Anna Fritz [2015]

A few days ago, I talked about some of my favorite foreign films that deserved to be watched. [read the whole article] I talked about how they should be given a chance, since many people are the type to shy away from subtitled films; even if they are fantastic. Today, I present to you yet another foreign film: The Corpse Of Anna Fritz.

The plot of the film follows Anna Fritz, a very famous and beautiful actress, who is widely considered one of the most desired women in the world. Suddenly, she dies. Enter Pau – a shy and introverted young man who works as an orderly at the hospital where Anna Fritz was taken to. [for her autopsy, etc] Often, when the body of a woman is brought to the morgue, he can’t resist watching her. When he enters the morgue with the corpse of Anna Fritz, he decides to take a picture of her naked body and send it to his friend Ivan. Ivan and Javi are Pau’s only friends, who often visit him while he’s on shift at the hospital. One night, when they are a little drunk, Ivan decides he wants to see the naked body of Anna… and because she isn’t going anywhere.. They agree that they can’t lose this opportunity.

talk about a “touchy” topic.. I am so sorry.

The Corpse Of Anna Fritz is being made by Hèctor Hernández Vicens, and surprisingly, this film marks his directorial debut! With the film’s obvious controversial nature, it will no doubt get people talking at SXSW this year when its given it’s World Premiere on Sunday, March 15th as part of the Midnight’s lineup. When I read the plot, and I watch the trailer, I can’t help but think of the movie Deadgirl, except instead of an abandoned asylum, which Deadgirl took place in, this film seems to take place in a morgue!

As someone who works in the funeral industry, I’m not entirely sure how to take the concept of this movie. I enjoy controversial film, hell – I like somewhat fucked up films; but this one is something else. I understand, as a foreign film [Spanish], it’s bound to cross some boundaries; but I wonder how North American audiences are going to take to it: positive? negative? I’m not able to say at this point. I guess it’s just a matter of actually watching the film – just to see how it plays out. At the end of the trailer, we see that Fritz opens her eyes, so maybe she didn’t die? I just hope the trailer didn’t ruin the film entirely; I want some surprises.. Although, if you missed it and/or haven’t seen the trailer, be sure to check it out in it’s entirety below!

Of course, my real question is; how many of you are planning on seeing this controversial film? Does it catch your attention? Or does the idea of a Spanish horror film regarding necrophilia turn you away? Let me know in a comment or two on here, or even on Facebook. While you’re over there, why not hit that “like” button? By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post the moment it’s been posted; and if that’s not convincing enough, I also share things that will not be featured here on the blog, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same! Every “like” counts! Stay Weird, and as always: