RANT: a ‘certain’ horror franchise is becoming a VR video game..

warrenisweird-rantChances are, you’re probably never heard of the company that calls itself “VRwerx” – and that’s okay – because until the other day; neither had I. According to their LinkedIn page, VRwerx is a “premiere innovative” Virtual Reality game developer, and distribution company who primarily focus their time on delivering high quality Virtual Reality entertainment to a global audience. This basically means that this company works to make Virtual Reality video games and sell them to the largest group they possibly can, which – speaking as a gamer – I think is really cool! naturally, it’d come as no surprise that their games specialize in working hand in hand with tools like The Oculus Rift and other Virtual Reality machines. One thing I think that would work really well with this type of gaming is horror: think about it. You could essentially be in that world; not just being scared of what you see on screen [as if you’re watching a movie], but actually feeling like you’re in that specific horror scene. Imagine wearing The Oculus Rift, and finding yourself strapped into a Reverse Bear Trap from the SAW franchise? That’d be fucking terrifying! But why am I talking about Virtual Reality video gaming on a horror blog that generally talks horror movies? Let’s rewind for a second..

Not even five seconds ago I mentioned that I’d love to see horror come to Virtual Reality, I think it’d be super effective if done correctly, and that it could really boost a franchise hit the “next level”. [even for me – that was a bad pun..] It’s looking like I spoke too soon though, because one such horror franchise revealed a day or two ago that we’re getting a VR version of it.. and that franchise is none other than.. Paranormal Activity.

I know Keanu, I’m not happy about it either..

I know, I know; like Keanu Reeves, I’m a little skeptical about the thoughts around this. I’m not a big fan of Paranormal Activity as it is, and I’m beyond tired of supernatural movies..let alone shaky cameras. But, as it turns out, a Paranormal Activity VR video game is planned to be released for all major head-mounted displays including: The HTC Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus, The Oculus Rift; PC; mobile; and even home video game consoles – such as The Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Although there’s no concept details of the game yet, Russell Naftal, The Co-Managing Partner of VRwerx says “Paranormal Activity is the perfect property for VRwerx. This franchise represents a huge audience that loves visceral and unbridled terror, which we intend to intensify through the incredible immersion that only virtual reality can enable. Our goal is for our Paranormal Activity VR video game to not only be the scariest game you’ve ever played, but the scariest experience you’ve ever had!”

That’s quite the claim, but if done correctly – it could be just as terrifying as they seem to say it will be. Earlier this year, another Virtual Reality game was demo-ed called Catatonic: A VR Experience. To add to the scary atmosphere, players were actually strapped to a wheelchair while wearing a Virtual Reality head-mount; which had them “wheeling” through the halls of an abandoned asylum! If VRwerx is right about one thing; it’s that with Virtual Reality, it’s all about the atmosphere and in depth immersion, which can open up the mind to more frightening scenarios.. where you actually experience what you’re playing.

contrary to belief: this is not a screenshot from the upcoming game.

I guess I’m just worried that it won’t live up to the expectations, and the strong claims of VRwerx. I’m already not a huge fan of Paranormal Activity, which sparked this “rant”; but making it into a Virtual Reality video game just concerns me more-so. As I said though, if it’s done right – this is going to be great; even surpassing the movies with their scare tactics. [which, in my opinion, isn’t that difficult] While we’re on the topic of everyone’s favorite ghost stories; if you weren’t already aware, there is a sixth Paranormal Activity film in production, [groan] subtitled “The Ghost Dimension, and it’s currently set for an October 23rd release. Chances are, I’m not going to be seeing it, only because I’m just tired of shaky cameras, ghosts and loud/annoying jump scares.

So the real question is: how do you feel about a Paranormal Activity video game? Even with Virtual Reality, is it going to be the next big thing or is it time to put the PA ghost[s] to rest for good? Also, if you could choose one horror film to make into a Virtual Reality video game, what game would that be and why? Let me know in a comment or two! If you found yourself to enjoy this piece of writing, please take a minute and follow me over on Facebook where you can click the “like” button on my Facebook page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted. I also share links and pictures that will not be featured here on the blog. Every “like” helps a ton, so be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share the page with family and friends!


RANT: The Asylum Film Studio

warrenisweird-rantI’m not generally an angry person. I tend to like to talk about problems or situations, and if worst were to come to worst, I’m the type to just shrug it off. [I’m passive like that] However, like most people: I can only carry so much on my shoulders – and if something were to bother me enough [*cough* remakes] I’m bound to get a little antsy, therefore wanting to rant about said issue.

That’s where this NEW segment comes in: rants. The idea behind this new segment is that if something were to come up in the horror-world [is that even a term?] that bothers me enough to complain a bunch about it, it’ll fall into this segment. As I said above, I’m not an overly angry person so this won’t become a weekly thing [unless it’s a really bad week on my part] but it will happen on the occasion. Because this is the first rant, I’ve already got my first topic chosen, and those that know me in real life, probably saw this one coming: The Asylum. [the film studio]

The Asylum is a company that you either do or don’t know by name, but if you’re a horror fan, you know them all too well. For those that don’t know our friends over at Asylum, just know that they are an American film studio [and distributor]  who focus on making terrible low-budgeted direct-to-video films. The way that the studio works is by producing movies with film titles and even scripts extremely similar to those of current blockbuster films; in order to lure their customers in! Essentially, these guys are the devil. The fans/angry viewers have called these films “mockbusters”, for obvious reasons. Their “hard work” didn’t do them too much justice though, considering that in 2007, similarities between Asylum‘s titles and the titles of major studios were reported. An example is the Asylum film Transmorphers seems to be much too similar to the blockbuster film Transformers, [and not just because of the giant robots or the title] which was released in theaters only two days after the release of Transmorphers.. this wasn’t the only time this had happened because in November 2012, Warner Bros, New Line Cinema and MGM all ordered legal action against The Asylum for their newest film titled: Age Of The Hobbits, [which later was re-titled to “Lord Of The Elves“] claiming that they were [as they put it] “free-riding” on the worldwide promotional campaign for Peter Jackson‘s upcoming films. BUT, The Asylum claimed its movie is technically “sound”  because their Hobbits are not based on the J. R. R. Tolkien creations. The lawsuit ended in a temporary “restraining order”, which had prevented The Asylum from releasing the film on its original release dateStill not convinced these guys are evil? Check out some of “their” other movie posters below – even if they are easy enough to guess, click the link below the poster to see what movie they capitalized it on! Remember, the movies below are basic “rip off” of Hollywood blockbusters in the sense of storytelling, characters and even the plot being more or less the exact same. Movie fans, prepare to get fucking agitated! Ready? LET’S GO.





Obviously, The Asylum has released more than just these films above. But, to capitalize on other film’s hard work and “try” and pass it off as something new is just plain ridiculous.. If that isn’t enough, the films above [along with their other “films”] were typically released around the same time as their blockbuster doppelganger. These “mockbusters” just tend to irritate me to no end – and no, they’re not the “so bad, it’s good” type of movies – they just fucking hurt to watch.. [Sharknado is fun though, I’ll give them that one!]

And that’s the first of hopefully more rants. I mentioned it above, and I’ll say it again, I don’t get upset that easily; but if something were to bother me enough in the movie world, you can expect me to talk about it here! What do you make of these “rip-offs”? Interesting enough, or bothersome? Let me know in a comment or two below, or over on Facebook. While you’re over on the Facebook page, why not hit that ‘like’ button? We’re getting closer to 100 likes, and I’d love to reach that goal!

as always, STAY WEIRD and