Friday Fun Fact: 13 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Friday The 13th [franchise]

Hey everybody; Guess what day it is? How bout you, Jason? Can you tell us what day it is? Is it really Friday The 13th already? Okay, let’s do something different: today is Friday, so this can technically be counted as a Friday Fun Fact; so what better film to talk about than the one with the same title as today’s date: Friday The 13th. If you’re a fan of slashers, You probably love the entire Friday The 13th library – even if they got a little over the top after a while or maybe you’re just curious about how the movie got it’s title. Either way, Unlike most Friday Fun Facts where I only post a few pieces of trivia, today we’re talking 13 things that you [probably] didn’t know about Friday The 13th – as a franchise.


In case you haven’t seen the movies, and you’re worried you might get confused later, here’s the list of the Friday The 13th movies – in order. Think you’ve got it? Okay when you’re ready, let’s begin! [this is gonna be a long one]

  1. Friday The 13th
  2. Friday The 13th Part II
  3. Friday The 13th Part III
  4. Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter
  5. Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  6. Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
  7. Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood
  8. Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
  9. Friday The 13th Part IX: Jason Goes To Hell
  10. Friday The 13th Part X: Jason X
  11. Friday The 13th Part XI: Freddy VS. Jason
  12. Friday The 13th Part XII: the remake

[01] Jason’s name was originally Josh:

According to the original script for the movie, Jason’s name was planned to be Josh. If things had worked out the way Director Sean Cunningham had initially expected, the name Josh Voorhees would have quickly been forgotten. [which was the plan all along] Cunningham didn’t plan for sequels, let alone so many, and besides – in the first film, “Josh Voorhees” wasn’t even the real killer! At least this saved us from getting a movie known to the world as “Freddy VS Josh,” am I right?

[02] Freddy Krueger almost ‘attacked’ Jason earlier:

In 1987, if things had gone as they were planned, one of The Nightmare On Elm Street films was supposed to include a flashback scene showing Fred Krueger as a counselor working at Camp Crystal Lake. Fred was going to be shown molesting a young Jason Voorhees, which would therefore add more to the sympathy for Jason that tends to be something we, as horror fans, feel for him.

[03] 13 different actors played Jason Voorhees:

  1. Friday The 13thAri Lehman as the boy who jumped out of the water at the end
  2. Friday The 13th Part IISteve Daskawisz played the murderous Jason with the sack on his head
  3. Friday The 13th Part IIWarrington Gillette played the unmasked Jason near the end of the film
  4. Friday The 13th Part IIIRichard Brooker plays Jason, and becomes the first man to wear the iconic hockey mask
  5. Friday The 13th Part IVJason was played by stuntman Ted White
  6. Friday The 13th Part V – Wait, the killer wasn’t Jason in this film. He wasn’t in this movie, was he? He was actually; in a few flashback scenes where he was played by Tom Morga
  7. Friday The 13th Part VIC. J. Graham reprises his infamous night club impersonation of Jason for this movie
  8. Friday The 13th Part VII – This film marks the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason, a role he would hold for three more movies in the franchise
  9. Friday The 13th Part VIIITim Mirkovich plays Jason after he was reverted to a boy by the toxic waste bath.
  10. Friday The 13th Part XIKen Kirzinger stars as Jason for most of the Freddy vs. Jason action
  11. Friday The 13th Part XI – Stuntman Glenn Ennis stands in for Ken Kirzinger for some of the more physically difficult portions of Freddy VS. Jason
  12. Friday The 13th Part XII – In the remake film, Caleb Guss portrays Jason as a little boy..
  13. Friday The 13th Part XIIDerek Mears performs the role of adult/murderous Jason throughout most of the film.

[04] Camp Crystal Lake is a boy scout camp:

This one is more well known but for those of you who didn’t, the filming location for Camp Crystal Lake is Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco – a Boy Scout camp near Blairstown, New Jersey. The camp still serves as an active Boy Scout camp to this day.

[05] Jason was going to wear an umpire’s mask:

Until the umpire mask was dropped because of the time it would take to create the visible portion of Jason’s deformed face beneath the mask. Instead, a hockey mask was used because it covers the entire face – no makeup required! Good thing too, cause that hockey mask is just so damn iconic.

[06] Several ‘Parts’ do not take place on Friday The 13th:

With a movie series like this one, it’s easy to assume each and every movie takes place on Friday the 13th, but that’s not exactly the case. Friday The 13th and Friday The 13th Part II both take place on Friday the 13th. However, Part III takes place immediately after the end of Part II and continues through to Saturday [the 14th] and Sunday – the 15th. Part IV begins immediately after Part III, which means it begins on Sunday the 15th and mostly takes place on Monday the 16th. In Part VI, one of the deputies says that the date is Friday the 13th…I hope I didn’t lose you there, I pretty much lost myself for a second as well!

[07] Jason’s Mother only showed up for a new car:

Betsy Palmer, who played Jason’s mother, only agreed to appear in the original Friday The 13th because she needed to buy a new car. Already a movie and television personality, Betsy Palmer didn’t just appear back in the 1970’s. When Betsy’s agent offered her the role of Pamela Voorhees, Betsy’s first thought was to reject the offer. Luckily for us, her car broke down and a new one was going to cost her around $10,000 – which, evened out as that was the exact amount she was offered for the honor of getting her head chopped off by the character of Alice.

[08] Camp Crystal Lake is rarely the setting:

Quickly. Right off the top of your head: what movie setting do you think of when you think “Friday The 13th”? I’m betting you said “Camp Crystal Lake,” didn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong [for the most part] because if you watch and think about it, very few of the movies take place at the infamous death camp.

Of course, the first film in the series takes place at Camp Crystal Lake, but it’s not until Jason Lives that we finally return to Camp Blood. That, and the remake from 2009.

[09] The forever lasting hockey mask:

It’s a rare thing in movies to carry the same prop forward from one movie to the next, yet that’s exactly what happened with Jason’s hockey mask from Part III through VI. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me!

[10] an actor from the movies was also in the TV series:

Remember this guy? It’s older Tommy Jarvis from Part V! Oddly enough, after all the movies were finished, he appeared in the Friday The 13th TV show as a constable in the episode titled: “The Baron’s Bride”. [see him in the show here]

[11] Freddy Krueger appears in two Friday films:

Although technically one of these films is a spin-off, [Freddy VS. Jason] Freddy also appeared at the end of one of his own films – snatching away the mask, dragging it to Hell!

[12] Kane Hodder played Jason, Krueger, and a victim:

Did you know there was an actor that played Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and a victim of Jason‘s all in one movie? Seriously: Kane Hodder, mostly known for his portrayal of Jason in Parts VII through to X, also played both Freddy Krueger [the gloved hand, in as seen above – in 11] and an unnamed security guard who gets slaughtered by Jason.

[13] Jason seems to prefer Blondes:

As a movie with this many sequels will tell you, it’s worth dyeing your hair and putting on a dress if Jason is killing everyone around you. Almost every ‘final girl’ in the Friday franchise has been blonde or some deviation. Don’t believe me? Here’s the list of [blonde] survivors:

  1. Friday The 13thAlice Hardy [well, it was kind of a blondish brown hair color, but still!]
  2. Friday The 13th Part II – Ginny Field
  3. Friday The 13th Part III – Chris Higgins [her hair is more brown than blonde, but at least it’s a light brown]
  4. Friday The 13th Part IV – Trish Jarvis
  5. Friday The 13th Part V – Pam Roberts [it wasn’t Jason doing the killing, but she was still blonde]
  6. Friday The 13th Part VI – Megan Garris
  7. Friday The 13th Part VII – Tina Shepard
  8. Friday The 13th Part IX – Jessica Kimble
  9. Friday The 13th Part XI – Lori Campbell

Needless to say, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve done quite well for yourself! This is arguably my longest post yet, and I swear they won’t be this long all the time. I just figured why not mention 13 things for Friday The 13th? Even if these movies got extremely cheesy over time, they’re still some of the greatest slashers in the history of 80s films.

Though, I still stand that Freddy won the battle – just saying – I hope by the end of this [very long] Friday Fun Fact, you learned a thing or two about our masked monster who truthfully – isn’t really a monster at all: Just misunderstood. What was your favorite piece of trivia? Did you know Jason had an infatuation with Blondes? Perhaps this means that they really do have more fun?



Wow. What a week it’s been. With my new job [is this news to you? catch up over here!] being a full time thing now, I’ve been extremely busy; and as a result – tired. But in between working and catching up on movies I’ve either missed out on, or haven’t watched until late into the evening, I’ve managed to  squeeze in the time to watch a film I bought a few weeks ago, but never got around to watching until this past Saturday – August 29th. That film was none other than my favorite Universal Monster film; Frankenstein. I had seen most of the film before, but not the entirety of it from start to finish, and after buying it and Bride Of Frankenstein, I figured I’d take one evening and watch the classic black and white film.

and man am I glad I did! the atmosphere of the film is unlike anything I’ve seen in recent years, making it feel dark, gloomy, and all around creepy! The sets that we’re exposed to are what seem to be a pure spin off of German Expressionism. Best of all, Doctor Frankenstein‘s “castle” is all twisted and distorted, making it feel like something from another world!  It’s not a long film by any means – clocking in at only 70 minutes – but it’s a staple in it’s genre, and deserves to be praised. Believe it or not, Frankenstein was technically not even a “horror” movie when it was first released back in 1931, since the term “horror” as a film genre wasn’t used officially until 1934!

but did you know?

In the film, just after bringing the monster to life, Dr. Frankenstein utters the [now] famous line, “Now I know what it’s like to be God!” Originally, the movie was released with this line, but when it was re-released in the late ’30s, film censors demanded it be removed: stating that it was blasphemy. Instead, a loud clap of thunder was used to switch out the line on the film’s soundtrack. This “censored dialog” was partially returned to the soundtrack in the initial “restored version” releases, and now, further restoration has now completely brought back this line of missing dialog. A clean recording of the missing dialog was supposedly found on a Vitaphone disc. [which looks similar to a large phonograph record] With modern audio technology available to us now, the dialog has been put back into the film without any detectable change in the audio quality, and good thing too: I feel this line gives us an insight to just how maniacal Dr. Frankenstein truly is!

Speaking of cuts from the film, there’s one specific scene where The Monster walks through a forest and comes upon a little girl, Maria, who is seen throwing flowers into a nearby pond. The Monster joins her and does the same, but being as there is now two of them doing it – they run out of flowers. Noticing he no longer has something to throw into the water, The Monster looks at Maria and moves toward her. In all North American prints of the movie, this is where the scene ends. However, the original cut of the film shows the action continue, as we see The Monster actually grab Maria, tossing her into the pond, then leaving the area [confused] when he notices that Maria doesn’t float like the flowers did. As expected, this little bit extra was removed because the censors complained about the violent end of the little girl. In the re issue of the film on DVD/Blu, the scene is restored [and is marvelous to watch!]

Lastly, according to The People’s Almanac, there’s one point where the movie was suppose to include a line of dialogue giving The Monster the name: Adam[presumably like the Biblical Adam?] The Almanac claims that there was an early print of this film that may have been released with such a scene, but that it was quickly cut out when audiences began referring to The Monster by the name Frankenstein..

Although there were many more cuts and edits to the film, Frankenstein remains a classic Monster movie to last the ages. Without the likes of it, [along with the other Universal Monster films] horror wouldn’t be the way it is now – and I love it to pieces for that reason. It’s atmospheric, it’s a landmark in cinema, and it’s still shocks audiences today! I’m glad I got the chance to write this FRIDAY FUN FACT, because up next is Bride Of Frankenstein, which I’ve yet to watch! With the long weekend coming up these next three days, I’m caught working but be sure to join me for my next post – whatever the topic may be!

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FRIDAY FUN FACT: Countess Elizabeth Báthory [1560-1614]

For today‘s Friday Fun Fact, I figured we could talk about something – or rather someone – that is horrific in nature; but is an actual person. Let’s see if you can guess who she is by a few guesses – almost like a guessing game! Ready? Go! She went by many names, but her most recognizable ‘nickname’ was The Blood Countess. The stories that surround her life describe her as “vampire-like”, as she wanted to live forever. Lastly, there was a time when The Guinness World Records noted her as the most prolific female murderer.. Still don’t know? Okay.. being as today marks the date of her birth, we’re going to be talking about none other than Countess Elizabeth Báthory.

Báthory was born in Transylvania in 1560 to a distinguished family that included kings, cardinals, knights, and judges. Though she counted many luminaries among her relatives, her family tree also featured some seriously disturbed kin. One of her uncles instructed her in Satanism, while her aunt taught her about sadomasochism. At the age of 15, Báthory was married to Count Nadady, and the couple settled into Csejthe Castle. To please his new wife, Nadady reportedly built a torture chamber to her specifications.

Báthory’s torture included jamming pins and needles under the fingernails of her servant girls, and tying them down, smearing them with honey, and leaving them to be attacked by bees and ants. Although the Count participated in his wife’s cruelties, he may have also restrained her impulses; when he died in the early 1600s, she became much worse. With the help of her former nurse, Ilona Joo, and local witch Dorotta Szentes, Báthory began abducting peasant girls. [to torture and kill] She often bit chunks of flesh from her victims, and one unfortunate girl was even forced to cook and eat her own flesh. Báthory reportedly claimed that human blood would keep her looking young and healthy.

but did you know?

One day, according to history books, Elizabeth viciously struck one of the servant girls for an [minor] oversight, with that one strick; she drew blood when her pointed nails scratched the girl’s cheek. The wound was left on the servant was so serious, that some of the blood got onto Elizabeth‘s skin. Later, Báthory was quite convinced that the part of her own body – where the girl’s blood had dripped – somehow looked fresher, younger, and even brighter. She then reasoned that if a little was good, then a lot would be better: she was strongly believing that if she were to bathe in the blood of young virgins – and in the case of especially pretty ones; drank it – she would be beautiful and strong once more.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, when a really beautiful girl would be obtained, Elizabeth took the opportunity to drink the child’s blood: at first from a golden flask, but later, as she began to long for it, she’d drink directly from the stream, as the writhing and whimpering body hung from the rafters, turning pale..

Báthory also appears in a few horror films, whether by name; or by what the individual [in the movie] does. For starters, she appears in Stay Alivethough her appearance and her ‘scenes’ aren’t accurate to what the real Blood Countess did/looked like.

[See what she looked like in Stay Alive here]

However, even if she was only known as Mrs. Bathory in the film, Hostel: Part II has a woman who tortures one of the main victims by tying her up, cutting her throat and then bathing in the blood – completely naked. It’s NSFW but intense. Be warned:

[See what she looked like in Hostel: Part II here]

Overall, it is impossible to be completely confident to know if Elizabeth Báthory was very cemented in her ways as a killer – as proven by her estimated numbers that show that she was known to have brutally tortured and killed between 80 and 650 young [often virgin] women between the years of 1585 and 1610. How do you feel about Elizabeth Báthory? Was she innocent, and just wanted a way to live forever? Or was she a cold-hearted killer, willing to do whatever it took to gain her beauty? Let me know what you think in a comment or two below!

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FRIDAY FUN FACT: Tales From The Crypt [1989-1996]

You know what I miss writing that I almost forgot that I do: Friday Fun Facts. Y’know, when I talk about a certain movie – or franchise – and talk about weird little tidbits that you might not have known about them. It was originally planned to be an every Friday thing but that didn’t pan out exactly as planned because I either was too busy to write anything, or I’d find something I’d consider “more exciting” to write about. So consider this a warning: not every Friday will include a Friday Fun Fact post; I will try and do more, more often – but I can’t promise anything..especially with new things happening both here on the blog, and in my actual real life – where I go out and actually get sunlight once and a while. [shocking! I know!]

What better way to jump back into FFFs by talking about one of my top 3 favorite shows of all time: Tales From The Crypt: don’t act like you don’t know it. Cause you do..I know you do, even if you don’t recognize it by name. Tales is an American horror anthology series that played on HBO for seven seasons, with a running total of 93 episodes! One thing to note is that the title of the series, is based on the 1950s EC Comics series of the same name and most of the content in the show, came from that or the six other EC Comics that were being released at the same time. [The Crypt of Terror, Haunt of Fear, Vault of Horror, Crime SuspenStories, Shock SuspenStories and Two-Fisted Tales] Introduced by a creepy puppet called “The Crypt Keeper“, who seems like he’s only around to have fun, [and make terrible puns!] Tales From The Crypt is a show that definitely feels like a cross between The Twilight Zone and modern horror movies. Basically, I’m trying to tell you that as a whole, it’s not suitable for younger audiences or even the squeamish, really.

but did you know?

The introduction sequence during the opening theme that played each and every episode through The Cryptkeeper‘s ‘home’ is actually fairly small: roughly the size of a miniature golf course. To achieve the look of a large mansion, small “snorkel” cameras were used to film. However, the descent into the crypt at the end of the intro is computer generated. Be sure to check out the opening theme, here!

John Kassir actually hurt his voice while doing the signature voice of The Cryptkeeper. Because of the raspy-ness of the character, He had to often swallow lemon juice mixed with honey in order to sooth his throat. [after doing his lines] John Kassir even came up with the trademark voice himself, when he auditioned for the part, the producers of the show loved it so much they almost immediately chose him. Well done, John!

One of the weirder and more obscure pieces of trivia about the show, involves the actual puppet of The Cryptkeeper. It seems that while animatronics expert Kevin Yagher was in the last stages of designing The Cryptkeeper, he tried putting on a few noses to see which would look best for and on the character; who already had shed lips, some hair and most of his teeth.. but none looked quite right. It wasn’t until Director and producer Robert Zemeckis simply stated, “You know, you don’t necessarily have to have a nose on him..”

So there you have it Fright Fans, three things that you may or may not have known about the cult classic anthology show: Tales From The Crypt. Which piece of trivia did you like best? Could it be that The Crypt Keeper almost had a nose? Or is it the fact that the voice actor seemed to actually hurt himself, for the sake of the show? Let me know in a comment or two! As I said above, I will try to make Friday Fun Facts more often, but I can’t promise anything – a lot is happening with both the blog and daily life, which if everything pans out the way I hope it will- I’ll talk about it on here; but when the timing is right.

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yeah.. uh. no thank you!



Okay, okay. I know; it’s been a while since we’ve had a Friday Fun Fact, but hold on a second..why haven’t we? If we look back at the past few Fridays, I’ve either written about something completely different than a Friday Fun Fact, or I’d be working – making it impossible to write about something elaborate before or after. Especially working two jobs now, makes things extremely difficult. However to move pass the excuses, and the reasonings; today, we’re talking [Friday] Fun Facts from one of, – if not – my favorite horror-comedies ever: SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

I feel like everyone has seen this film, but if not – the story is about Shaun, who isn’t having a very good day. He then decides to turn his life around by getting his ex [who he’s in love with] to take him back, but timing is clearly not on his side, since he times all this in the middle of a zombie [“don’t say the ‘z’ word!”] apocalypse.. But luckily for him, he sees it as an opportunity to show everyone he knows how useful he is by saving them all. All he has to do is survive… And get his ex back. It also has a ton of quirky trivia, but we won’t mention it all for time reasons; the film itself is fairly gory at times, it’s awesomely satirical, and it’s all around good natured fun! It’s also a relatively an easy enough film to get your hands on, so if you haven’t seen it; definitely get on that one!

but did you know?

At one point in the film, Shaun tells Liz that he’s going to take her to dinner at “the place that does all the fish”, which sounds like he forgot the name of the restaurant. However, when he opens the phone book to call for reservations, you can see that the restaurant is literally called ‘The Place That Does All the Fish’.

Near the beginning of the film, when Ed is playing on the Playstation 2, Shaun directs him with controls. [‘top left, reload, good shot’ etc] Later in the film, when the gang are in The Winchester pub and Shaun is firing at the zombies, Ed repeats exactly what Shaun instructed him to do during the gaming sequence – in case you were wondering, they were playing Time Splitters 2..

Surprisingly hard to notice, but the Battle Royale poster in Shaun‘s living room [as seen in this scene; on the right] is designed by Fred Deakin. He is also a member of the band Lemon Jellÿ, which provides music for the soundtrack of this film.

Does the zombie [don’t say the ‘z’ word!] look familiar? He definitely should, cause that’s SIMON PEGG [who played Shaun in our movie of choice today!] as it turns out, George A. Romero was so impressed with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright‘s work on Shaun Of The Dead that he asked them to appear in Land Of The Dead, the fourth part of his “Dead” series, in cameos as zombies – as seen above!

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about Shaun Of The Dead, and why it’s such a perfect zombie film. as I said above, there’s so much more trivia to know about this film – as it’s within the details that we learn more about the story. Thankfully, I also plan to do more FRIDAY FUN FACTS, it’ll become more regular again, as long as work allows, and I can squeeze it in.

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FRIDAY FUN FACT: Orphan [2009]

Here we are: finally, a new FFF. unfortunately, with how busy life has been, I haven’t been able to write Friday Fun Facts for a little bit now. Because of the time it takes to think of a movie, then find some of the trivia to talk about it, and then finally writing it all up.  However, enough with the excuses, and onto the trivia!! While not entirely considered horror, [it’s more “thriller” I’d say] Orphan is a extremely messed up film. I remember hearing/reading about people being so shocked about the film that they actually left the theaters in shock of the ending! Seriously. Even when I worked at the movie theater, people were actually wanting to return their tickets because they were “too scarred” from the ending.. Naturally, this made me want to see the film. The film wasn’t as “scarring” as I figured it would be, but I still felt uneasy, with all the “what the fuck am I watching?” feelings going through my head.

Orphan follows Kate and John Coleman, who are rebuilding their troubled marriage: Kate had a drinking problem. [but is in therapy]  To help “fix” their issues, the couple decide that they will adopt a child. When they meet the nine-year-old Russian girl, Esther, at the St. Marina Orphanage, they immediately fall in love with the well-educated orphan. [she’s able to paint incredibly, talks articulately, etc] Their son, Daniel, is kind of hesitant to his new “sister”, but their deaf daughter, little Max, is mesmerized by least at first. Eventually, Kate begins to feel that Esther is manipulative and possibly even psychologically disturbed. John refuses to listen to his wife’s worries, and of course, this opens wounds in their marriage that were starting to be healed. Kate calls Sister Abigail at the orphanage, and the nun informs her that Esther has a troubled and mysterious history. Kate delves further into Esther‘s past and discovers all is not what it seems.

but did you know?

In the actual movie, there’s a line where Esther says “It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own”. After receiving a ton of complaints from both adoptive parents and foster care organizations, Warner Bros. actually had to remove the quote from the trailers! While we’re on the topic of removed content, another scene in the film that was in the original script, [but never filmed officially] strongly implied that Esther enjoyed harming and torturing animals – this was to follow a minor subplot with Esther both killing and dismembering the Coleman family’s pet hamster..

In early drafts of the script, there is more information about Esther‘s past and explain why she always attempts to seduce her adoptive fathers. According to the drafts, Esther was molested by her father for years, starting when she was an infant! Naturally, this had sexualized her at a very young age and destroyed any chance of her having her own children. When her father later took another lover, he told Esther that, because of her “condition”, she could never be a real woman. She then murdered them both and was ultimately sent to Saarne, the mental institution talked about in the movie..

Following her escape from Saarne, she worked as a prostitute in Estonia for years, mostly catering to wealthy pedophiles. When she was arrested for this, she kept up the false identity of being a child [to stay out of jail] and ultimately, sent to an orphanage. Because Esther sees herself as trapped inside the body of a child, it disgusts her. She clearly wants to “grow up”  so she can be a wife, a mother, and a lover, [which is what her father considered a “real woman”]  therefore, she tries to find “love” where she thought she’d had it as a child, with her new “father”.. [and this was cut from the final script why?! this is vital information!]

Lastly, [and also in earlier drafts of the script], Kate and John go to the orphanage not to see girls for the first time, but to bring presents to Yolanda: a 7 year old Puerto Rican girl whom they plan on taking home the next day. There, they meet Esther Although she impresses them as much as she did in the final cut, Esther finds out that they’ve already adopted Yolanda. The next morning, Sister Judith finds Yolanda hung by her neck in a closet; it’s assumed that she died in a kids game gone wrong, but the film strongly implied that Esther killed her! John later suggests to Kate that they adopt Esther instead, since they were so impressed earlier on.

as someone with deaf parents, the sign language in the film was perfect.

So today we learned that Orphan is actually scarier than we initially thought, with people being scared for all the right reasons. It’s unfortunate that so much good content seems to have been cut but, as a way to keep their original rating, things had to be a bit toned down quite a bit. What did you learn from Orphan? Besides that Esther is a crazy person who wants nothing more than a “Daddy” to love.. [and now I’m catching myself shuddering in fear at the very thought of that..]


FRIDAY FUN FACT: Creepshow [1982]

Inspired by the E.C. Comics from the early 1950s, Creepshow was an anthology movie from 1982 by George A.Romero and Stephen King [already two big names in horror] who bring a few different tales of terror to our screens. These tales are expertly written and deserve awards on their own, let alone as an anthology film! These “shorts” are titled: “Father’s Day”, “The Crate”, “The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill” [which stars King himself!], “Something To Tide You Over” and finally, “They’re Creeping Up On You!” To this day, the film is a gem among horror fans, and many people see it as a classic, including it’s sequel, “Creepshow 2“.. though we don’t talk of the third film. [it wasn’t even written/directed by Romero or even King!]

but did you know?

Ted Danson, who played the character of Harry Wentworth in “Something To Tide You Over“, said in an interview that his daughter was on set during the scene where his character returns from the dead encased in rotting flesh and seaweed. [see what that looked like here] He claimed that he’d purposely avoid his young daughter, out of fear of scaring her. Finally, and despite his best efforts, she saw and went up to him: and when she finally was face to face with her father, she simply said, “Oh, hi Dad!”

Why is there a picture of Greedo from Star Wars above this trivia piece? besides being fucking awesome, Stephen King reportedly carried one exact model of this action figure – which is worth a grand total of over $400. His reasoning? “good luck” on the movie. Leave it to Stephen King to carry a damn toy with him on set just because of luck! Greedo is pretty bad-ass though!

this last one is an important piece of trivia. In the first short, Father’s Day, There is an important to the story marble ashtray. But were you aware that it’s actually featured in all five of the film’s stories if you look closely enough? Let me elaborate; In Father’s Day, it’s obvious; as it’s shown to viewers multiple times and it plays an important role. In The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill, it’s seen next to the cash box at The Department Of Meteors, when Jordy is trying to sell the fragment. During Something To Tide You Over it is seen on the nightstand next to Richard‘s bed. In The Crate, you can see it on the writing desk when Henry writes his letter to Wilma, and finally in They’re Creeping Up On You!, it’s directly beside the soap dish when Upson Pratt is washing his hands. As an added bonus, it’s also on Billy‘s [played by Stephen King‘s son, Joe] desk when he first starts stabbing the voodoo doll near the end of the film.

So there you have it, a ton of new trivia around one of my favorite anthologies of all time. In fact, it still stands the test of time – with a creep factor surpassing some horror movies from today! What trivia did you find the most interesting? Was it the marble ashtray? Or even learning about Stephen King‘s geeky side? Let me know in a comment or two below!


PS: please be aware that this is my last post before the move to the new apartment – therefore, there won’t be a new post until we get Internet back up and running..which could be up to a week.


FRIDAY FUN FACT: Alien [1979]

Taking a small turn away from strictly horror toward sci-fi, comes today’s FRIDAY FUN FACT. The movie in question revolves around the Nostromo: a cargo ship that receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. When the people on board the Nostromo start looking for survivors on the planet, they realize that they are in serious trouble. That’s right everyone, today we’re talking about a film that has sex, aliens, and Sigourney Weaver: Alien. Taking place in the future, Alien was a film that took the concept of monsters lurking in the shadows, and completely turned that idea on it’s head. It gave us a reason to be afraid of what could be in space, and in space – no one can hear you scream!

It even still ranks high on the list of genuine scares, [those Xenomorphs though] and rightfully so! Even after all the years since it’s release, the movie still holds up today. Not to mention Ripley, who is still a hardcore chick, being one of the most important female leads in a movie; let alone in a movie following Aliens – see what I did there? [because “Aliens” is the sequel to “Alien”.. just forget it!]

but did you know?

Remember how fucking scared you were when you’d just uncover your face, and see this face? If it helps you relax a little, it was actually shredded condoms that were used to create the tendons inside of the Xenomorph‘s ferocious jaw[s]. Weird, I know! Just goes to show a little goes a long way! [no pun intended? guys? you guys aren’t any fun!]

Another piece of trivia you may be unaware of is that during the hyper-sleep segment, Veronica Cartwright and Sigourney Weaver both had to wear white surgical tape over their nipples, because the director was worried they might offend certain countries. The scene I’m talking about can be seen below – just don’t expect to see nipples [if you want those, check out last week’s Friday Fun Fact!]

Probably one of [if not] the most recognizable scenes in the entire film is the famous chest bursting scene. But were you aware that Bravo‘s list of the 100 scariest movie moments [which was released in 2004] called the chest bursting scene the second scariest movie moment ever. [be sure to see the scene in all it’s glory here!] this last bit of trivia involves the director, Ridley Scott: In an interview, Scott had said that he wanted originally planned a much darker ending, which included having the alien bite off Ripley‘s head in the escape shuttle. After which the Alien would sit in her chair, and then start speaking with her voice to send a message to Earth. Apparently, 20th Century Fox was far from pleased with such an ending.. Too bad, cause that sounds insanely awesome. Sadly, it’s not even a deleted scene! talk about lame!

So what have we learned today? besides that Xenomorphs are fucking dangerous creatures, and that Ripley was supposed to be decapitated by the end of the film! Alien is a great film, and should be experienced at least once. It deserves it’s large fan base, even if it did become a sci-fi-circlejerk after a while. Oh well, I still circlejerk The Cabin In The Woods, so who am I to judge? Everyone has their preferences, right?

I don’t even care guys, Ripley is such a babe.


FRIDAY FUN FACT: Scream [1996]’s your favorite scary movie? Sound familiar? the story of the movie we’re talking about is about a girl named Sydney. When a serial killer [later to be known as Ghostface] shows up, Sidney starts to suspect that her mother’s abrupt death [which happened a year prior to the beginning of the movie] and two new deaths involving her friends are somehow related. In today’s edition of Friday Fun Fact, If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re going to be analyzing a special gem [that still holds up well today] known to the world as Scream. I remember the first time I had watched the film; it was at a friend’s house and being the youngish kid I was, I remember being so severely shocked at the quality of the gore. It was one of the first times I had seen a film where the gore effects were done well enough enough to “feel real”. As I got older, and I started to understand horror movies a bit better, I came to realize that Scream isn’t so much a horror film, but more of a satire on horror films. It falls victim to many horror cliches, but that was the point of it: to make fun of typical horror tropes. Let me give you an example. According to the film, there are six specific “rules” that horror films tend to follow. These six “rules” are as follows:

1. You will not survive if you have sex

2. You will not survive if you drink or do drugs

3. You will not survive if you say “I’ll be right back”

4. Everyone is a suspect.

5. You will not survive if you ask “Who’s there?”

6. You will not survive if you go out to investigate a strange noise.

It’s pretty intense how on point the “rules” are; especially in typical slasher films of today. it’s surprising how many films actually fit those rules, It’s as if Wes Craven knew how typical horror movies work! [I assure you: that would be sarcasm, people!]

but did you know?

During the film’s initial production, Ghostface‘s signature black robe was originally planned to be white – the idea was that it’d make him look even more “like a ghost”. This was quickly changed though, because after testing the outfit out, the producers worried that people would start comparing the killer’s costume to those that the Ku Klux Klan wear. [good call, team! Saved an earful and a half!]

Here’s another fun fact for you youngsters! [specifically: the guys!] Remember the scene when Tatum enters the garage through the dog-door? When the movie was first released [and still to this day] many viewers mentioned that the actress’ nipples are shown to be extremely erect through her shirt! In case you were wondering, this wasn’t achieved by using prosthetics. That’s right, what I’m saying is: the “nipples” you’re seeing are in fact, the actress’ real nipples. [for all you perverts, and nipple enthusiasts, check them out for yourself down below!]

in case you were wondering: I had to Google “Tatum enters garage – Scream”.

The last bit of trivia, comes with some truth attached to it: The Ghostface killer was actually based on a Florida serial killer, known as the “Gainesville Ripper“. Later revealed to be Danny Rolling, the Ripper was found guilty of murdering five students [one was a student of the Santa Fe College and the other four went to the University Of Florida] during a burglary and robbery spree in Gainesville, Florida. He was known for mutilating his victims‘ bodies, even going so far as decapitating one of them. Ultimately, he was executed by lethal injection in late 2006. [read more about the Gainesville Ripper over on CrimeLibrary]

In the end, Scream wasn’t based on actual events – just inspired by some. It’s a great film, which I’ve come to love; and the series is even getting itself a TV series in the near future! [which, in my opinion, is kinda weird] Ghostface is fucking terrifying, more so when you consider who he turned out to be. [in the movies]

aww he’s cute. I want him!


FRIDAY FUN FACT: HALLOWEEN [1978] The Halloween season: it’s time for costumes, for candy..and even, death. Halloween is a definitive horror film from the late 70s/early 80s and it’s easily one of my favorites. It has that sort of fear-factor that’s hard to find in films today, especially for being on such a small budget at it’s time. Halloween spawned itself ten sequels, and that’s not including Halloween remake – and it’s sequel. I’m a fairly large fan of the first few installments in the series, particularly the third, which didn’t even feature Myers at all! Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, has an almost cult following for not “feeling like a Halloween movie” but I love it just the same. [if not more so] In fact, back on this past Halloween, I wrote about my love for it! Check that out over here.

The movie takes place on Halloween night in 1963, where 6 year old Michael Myers has just stabbed his sister to death. After sitting in a mental hospital for 15 years, Myers finally escapes and returns to his home town of Haddonfield to kill. For such a simple sounding horror film, who would have guessed that it’d scare fans everywhere, and get itself more films, and even get a remake or two?

but did you know?

Probably the most well known fact is that the film had a very small budget. So small, that the prop department was told they had to use the cheapest mask that they could find in a costume store: what they went with was from Star Trek‘s 1966 film. It was a William Shatner mask [which only costed the team two dollars!].. to add the creepy appeal to the face, the prop team had to spray paint the face white, teased the hell out of the hair, and reshaped the mask’s eye holes. Looking further into the change from a Star Trek mask to Killer mask, Shatner admitted that for the longest time, [years even!] he had no idea his face was used for this film. It took until an interview that someone brought up the fact that his mask was being used in the movie. Since learning of Myers‘ mask of choice, Shatner has stated that he is honored by the gesture. [to see the original mask before/after the spray paint and reshaping – click here!]

a fun piece of trivia you may not know is that P.J. Soles [above] went to a screening of the movie shortly after it was released, sitting amongst a regular audience. During her nude scene and line of “see anything you like?” – as seen above – a male audience member actually yelled out “hell yes I do!”, unaware that she was right behind him; in the audience. [she has since claimed that it “amused” her] click here for a more inappropriate version of the photo above. thanks to ancensored for that one! once again, NSFW warning.

[note: the screen shot below has been taken from an awesome short by Ariescope. This is not from the original scene in the 1978 film]

In Halloween, there’s a sudden fact that Michael Myers could drive a car despite him being committed to an asylum at such a young age. This, obviously, raised a lot of questions by fans, and theorists alike. The first movie’s novelization [which is incredibly rare to find] came up with a simple [but somewhat effective] explanation to how: when Doctor Loomis would drive Michael to sanity hearings over the course of his years at the asylum, Michael would simply watch closely and carefully as the Doctor operated the car. The idea behind this theory is that even if Michael sat in the back seat and there was a screen of bulletproof glass between the two of them, Myers could still technically look over the Doctor’s shoulder without Loomis realizing the significance of him doing so..

Halloween was a terrifying film when it first came out, and in many aspects, it still is. It captivated a fan base with over ten movies, and two remakes [with another film on the way!] and if you find yourself a fan of the series, and somehow don’t own them; Amazon has an awesome deal going on currently for the complete 10 film-series on Blu-Ray for just over $80! [plus shipping and handling] Check out this fantastic deal over here!